Weekend Wishlist, featuring Sunday Millie

It’s been so gray and rainy lately, what better way to spend the Saturday than dreaming about all the pretty florals in Sunday Millie’s shop? Seriously, this beautiful vintage shop has SO many dresses I would love to snatch up, and her prices are incredibly affordable to boot! It’s fortunate for my wallet that my pregnant stomach prevents me from wearing everything she has, or I’d pretty much take it all.1


I think my mind has been on spring lately! What with the blue and red dresses and this darling skirt (the geraniums! Oh, it kills me how cute that skirt is), and then the pastel numbers below; my mind is skipping forward to spring for sure! I keep saying the only reason I wish I was done being pregnant is to wear vintage skirts again and it’s so true! But the dress on the right above would also be perfect for nursing, because it has a zip front. I need to start finding those options!2


I actually think pastels can work really well in the fall and winter, though; pair them with some pretty jewel tones, or even highlight a pretty skirt like the one above with black tights and a black shirt, and you’re set! I love wearing “seasonal” clothes in the wrong season. It just goes to prove how much more versatile your closet can be!3


But I can’t get too far without bringing some fall out, while it’s still (barely) fall. This orange plaid skirt is SO cute (you all know my weakness for plaid), and this floral shirt would be perfect for fall OR spring! Love. Plus, even though I have enough coffee mugs, I want these adorable orange floral ones. So incredibly cute!4


But for the most part, as you can see, my brain is definitely in spring mode, with the plaid and pink! Which could be bad, because we’re not even to winter yet! This plaid dress would be another great nursing option, since it’s another zip-front. And I cannot get over the gorgeous color and print on this skirt. Vintage skirts are probably my biggest weakness, seeing as how I currently have about forty of them in my closet. My husband says I don’t need more. But what does he know?

Sunday Millie has lots more dresses and cute skirts in her shop; it’s the perfect place to spend the day browsing and dreaming of all the pretty vintage things!

Happy Saturday!


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