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    Rainy days and pretty dresses

    It’s raining again. Well, not again. Still. It’s  been raining ALL week, and I’ve been working hard on getting Asa to sleep at night AND take good naps during the day (something that seems kind of impossible right now; it’s either or at this stage), so I have no outfit pictures for you. I hope you don’t mind a shop update instead! I’ve been making my way through my stock of dresses right now, because who doesn’t love a good dress? You can click on any picture to be taken to the listing. I’m also excited about these because there are good size options; I feel like most of the…

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    Thrifting Vintage: a few tips for finding and dating vintage clothes

    On Monday, I went on a joyfully solo trip to Goodwill. I say “joyfully solo”, because while I love going shopping with my husband or other people, I am the most thorough thrift-store shopper you will ever shop with, and I literally have to look at every single garment on whatever rack I search. Not even joking. So when I go with other people, I both feel as though I might be missing something because I make myself skip garments, and I feel like I’m probably boring the heck out of whoever is waiting for me to get done inspecting the dress rack. But that’s beside the point. While there,…

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    Weekend Wishlist, featuring Sunday Millie

    It’s been so gray and rainy lately, what better way to spend the Saturday than dreaming about all the pretty florals in Sunday Millie’s shop? Seriously, this beautiful vintage shop has SO many dresses I would love to snatch up, and her prices are incredibly affordable to boot! It’s fortunate for my wallet that my pregnant stomach prevents me from wearing everything she has, or I’d pretty much take it all. 1/2/3 I think my mind has been on spring lately! What with the blue and red dresses and this darling skirt (the geraniums! Oh, it kills me how cute that skirt is), and then the pastel numbers below; my…

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    We need a Rochester. Any volunteers?

     My friend Sarah and I had a photoshoot yesterday. We took 640 pictures, and out of those… approximately 30 turned out. In the rest, we were laughing. Or making faces. But here are the good ones, for your enjoyment. (Yes, we climb trees in Vintage dresses. Because we’re cool like that.) And yes, I had fun editing these. Can you tell?       I think this one looks like a movie poster. Yes. I’m supposed to be dead. And yes, I know. I forgot to round these corners. You can see the full set of pictures on Facebook, as well as some outtakes. Because we are pretty much total spazzes. I hope…

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