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Put a Belt on It

6Dressember DaysPut a belt on it

All day yesterday, while I was writing up the post on how to thrift and date vintage clothing, I had “Put a Ring On It” going through my head, only I was singing “If you liked it then you shoulda put a belt on it!” over and over and over again.

I probably said this, but I’ve pretty much decided “Put a belt on it” is my fashion motto. You’ve probably already noticed I belt pretty much everything, and I think belting it is the one thing everyone can do. Whether you belt it high or low, putting a belt on it adds visual interest and usually creates a waist or emphasizes the waist you have. It’s a great way to change up what you’re wearing!

4 Can we just talk about how incredibly fantastically tacky 80’s fabulous this dress is? Seriously, it’s one of those dresses that I cannot resist because it’s a little bit (or a lot) crazy. I pulled it off the rack solely because it looked insane, and then I put it on and decided yes, it was insane but also the details on the pattern are kind of amazing, and it’s the sort of insane that I like.

It’s one of those dresses I can’t take myself too seriously in, which just makes it really fun to wear. And I think these types of outfits are the ones I’m happiest in, possibly just because I’m having lots of fun.128 The only thing is, I’m still a little bit self-conscious about wearing full-skirted dresses while pregnant. I know I shouldn’t be, but that’s just how it is. When a dress makes it almost impossible to tell you’re eight months pregnant, there’s just something really… weird about that. But some dresses — like this one– are worth the oddness of not looking pregnant (or as pregnant as you really are)PicMonkey Collage14 I need to take the shoulder pads out. But the pattern on the skirt pretty much kills me every time! It’s kind of amazing. 9

Thrifted Vintage dress, thrifted heels, thrifted belt. We’re just all thrifty today.

What sort of outfits make you happiest?

Have a great Thursday!


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