Baby and Parenthood

Two Months

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Somebody hit two months today!

Motherhood thus far has been much like pregnancy was: not nearly as hard or scary or terrible as everyone says it is. We heard from countless people that having a baby would completely change our lives… but it feels normal. Except for the waking up every three or four hours to feed him at night part.

But I know this is because Asa is a remarkably easy baby. He fusses so little that when he does cry or have grouchy hours, it’s just cute. He’s been a happy little camper ever since he was born, and his only big fault so far is that he hates going to sleep at night. Or anytime.

For the most part, though, he is as you see: happy, cute, chubby (everyone asks if I feed him cream, haha!), and discovering more and more interesting things about his little world– such as, his hands are apparently delicious now. They say you start to miss feeling the baby move in your stomach, or you miss those freshly-newborn days, but so far I don’t miss any of that. I’m enjoying seeing him become more involved with the people around him every day; I love watching his new little quirks emerge: how he wrinkles his nose and purposefully blinks at me when we play peekaboo, or how he takes much delight in “reading” Dr. Seuss books with us at night, or how he occasionally has to let me know just how hungry he was while he’s eating.

Or how much he loves my iPhone case — sometimes he’ll smile at the phone, but not at me. I love this little man with the chubby cheeks and open-mouthed smile, and it’s so fun watching him grow, cuddling him when he needs me, playing with him when he’s happy, and watching him giggle in his sleep.

I love being a mother. But with a baby like this, who wouldn’t?

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  • Kathy H

    Your descriptions of motherhood are delightful–and your little Asa is beautiful. My babies loved Curious George!

  • Jeanne

    He looks so happy!! 😀 I can’t wait to have my own. I thought he’d come less than two months after Asa, but it turns out it’s going to be a little *more* than two months…
    And I love what you said about how normal it feels. It is also what I expect/hope for us; I never really got all that stuff about how having kids is supposedly so insane and life-upsetting (usually also used as an argument for not wanting children, or not before a certain age… but I’ve always wanted children as soon as life would allow).