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    Saturday Sweets: Asa and Noah

    A few cute shots of Asa and his three-month-old cousin, Noah, who is the first baby that doesn’t look itsy bitsy next to this chunky boy! These little chubby blue-eyed boys. How can we handle this much cuteness? Happy Saturday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press | Tumblr

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    Six Months

    Dear Asa Reuben, Today, you are six months old! How did you get so big so fast? I still remember when you were an itsy bitsy baby, all curled up and old-man looking, and now look at you. It seems like just yesterday, you looked like this: But now you’re huge. And so, so full of personality! Little boy, you love to talk and I hope that never changes! Every morning, you wake me up with a cheerful “ba, ba, ba, ba” like a faithful little squishy alarm clock, and when you see me, you kick your feet, wave your arms, and give me the biggest open-mouthed grin I have…

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    Sunday Sweets

    Just a few little snaps of Asa and his second-cousin Abigail on a sunny afternoon. Aren’t they the cutest? I think they look like little tiny chubby old people. Happy Sunday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press  

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    Sunny Days

    This little boy. You guys. I didn’t think he could get any cuter, but somehow he manages to be cuter EVERY DAY. I could just take a million pictures of him(and my Instagram proves that I… might… *ahem*)! The weather yesterday and today is GORGEOUS, and he absolutely loves being outside in the shade of the apple trees, talking to the leaves and kicking his little toes in the breeze. In other news, I’m testing out the new watermark/logo my friend Sarah designed for me! What do you think? Personally, I love it. I mean… owls, so you know. Happy Wednesday! Bloglovin | Chictopia | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

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    Baby Files: 2-1/2 months

    This little munchkin isn’t so little any more. He’s 2-1/2 months old, 15 pounds (or more), 25 inches long, and about as big as some of the 6 month old babies at church. His rolls, you guys! People constantly ask what I feed him. I answer “cake, every day.” Strangers assume automatically that he’s a girl, when they can’t see his obviously boy-clothes at the store. One woman, after I corrected her, exclaimed “He’s beautiful enough to be a girl! Look at those eyes!” And when he gave her the above look, she said “Oh no, he’s going to cry!” and I wanted to reassure her that no, that’s just…