213This is the building that, had I gotten married in the summer, I would have gotten married in. It is a beautiful, huge brick building with these huge windows down both sides, a massive fireplace at one side, and really high ceilings. It’s located on an old military base-turned-park.

I had the fleeting thought to get married there anyway, even though we got married in December, but it’s right next to the water and is a chilly building even in the middle of the hottest summer day. So to be married there in the winter would have been so brutal! It’s much too large and open a building to hold any heat, and I would have wanted the windows to be open and exposed, so… yeah.

4 6 I would really like to do a princess-type shoot here someday soon, though! And perhaps years down the road, on our 10th anniversary or something, we can renew our vows here to make up for not having gotten married here. My husband had always wanted to use this building, too. 35 This weekend was our church’s family camp at this park, so my husband and I went out for the day. It’s super close to where we live, and since we’re going camping this weekend we figured there was no use going super close to ourselves to camp for one night, haha! But it was lots of fun! We biked through lots of pathways, picked flowers, took pictures, and played with Asa in the sunshine. I really love this park; it’s one of my favorites. There are lots of bunkers to explore, a beautiful beach to play on, campsites to camp at… it’s perfect. 7 Seriously, isn’t this fireplace awesome? I want a fireplace in my house… when I have my own house…

Which we are saving up for, as well as saving for a vacation to go back to Hawaii (hopefully next year!) which I am very excited for. Except we’ll be leaving Asa behind, so we’ll miss him for  a week. 9 I feel like my hair is finally getting long again, and I’m getting antsy to do something to it.

Not cut it off, for sure, but to dye it some crazy color, and keep it for longer than when I had blonde hair. Although, I don’t want to sit for six hours to get it bleached out again… and I’d like to have semi-natural hair because I really want to go as an elf (Arwen?) for this year’s Renaissance Faire. So… we’ll see. PicMonkey Collage 133
This boy. Oh man. He absolutely loves being outside, so I’m hoping camping this weekend goes well! He’s fallen asleep outdoors before, but I’m not quite sure how nighttime will go with him, since… he hates going to bed. Haha! We might be the annoying people camping with the baby crying late at night.

I hope not, though!1
Shirt, skirt, and brooch, Thrifted | Target sandals | I Made It Myself: cute baby | Cute baby’s fox hat c/o Janelle’s Creations

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!

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  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    I was just thinking, hey, your hair’s really grown! And then you went and said so yourself. 😉

    Love the skirt. Have I mentioned that before? I know you’ve posted pictures with that skirt in the past. I’ve always loved it.

  • Desarae

    1) That building is completely amazing! I would totally have a wedding there. 2) How in the hey did you get ontop of that amazing fireplace?! Seriously, it looks really high. And thirdly, you do realize that your hubby and baby are wearing matching shirts in that picture?! More adorable. 🙂