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Saturday Sweets: Pirate baby

2 I think this outfit makes Asa look like a miniature Smee. And he’s the cutest Pirate Baby you ever did see, right? Haha! Oh, I love this boy. Really, it’s not quite hot enough for him to wear this outfit yet, but I’m starting to look forward to fall and everything it contains, and I’m hoping he’ll still fit this when it gets cooler out! Asa Reuben 5 As you can see, he has learned to blow raspberries, and does it all. day. long. It’s like his new favorite thing to do. That, and talk. And talk. And talk. He’s sort of learning how to do his “da” sounds now, but mostly it’s “ba” and just plain ol’ voices.

6 7 8 And can we just stop and talk about how hot my husband is? These two are like the poster for getting married and having babies.  9 10 13 15 Asa and mama

Of course, once I got him, he started to whine. And, like good parents, we laughed at him for it. (Joking. Sort of.)16

He’s to the point now where I have to discipline him mildly for certain things. Mostly, he screams at me when he’s mad, and I have to lightly flick his lip. It’s a very entle flick, and when I did it to myself it didn’t even hurt, but it shocks him and he totally knows he’s being chastised, and he gives me the saddest look you have ever seen, and just bawls his little eyes out… for like three seconds. And then he’s done, and happy again.

It’s sad to have to discipline him, in the way that no mama likes to make her baby cry, but I do no want to allow my kid to yell at me, and I know he knows what he’s doing now.

When did you guys start discipline with your kids? I’ve always been curious as to how early people start with whatever type of discipline it is they use.

Anyway! I hope you are all having a good Saturday! Mine has been rocky due to a combination of eating many non-paleo foods over the course of the week (so much junk, ugh) and lack of sleep (we went to the drive-in movies last night and saw Guardians of the Galaxy) and trying to sew but doing the wrong thing (sewing with a pattern is the worst!). But it’s getting better.

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  • Avra-Sha Faohla

    So cute! Ha, I remember when my niece learned how to blow raspberries and did it all the time too! She also taught it to her twin brother. My sister (their mother) hated it because spitting isn’t nice. 😀

    • Eccentric Owl

      Isn’t it so funny? I let him do it because he’s just a baby and learning things, and it’s not harmful. Once he gets a little older, I will start teaching him not to do it. Maybe. Haha! Or at least, not do it at people!

  • Cate @ Wild Ruffle

    Awww, he’s the cutest. And discipline is hard – it goes against the grain to make your child sad. But you’ll be so glad in the long run that you started when you did – when you have that child that actually listens and obeys!

  • Jessica

    The lip flicking sounds like a good idea actually… I don’t have any kids but I’m keeping that in mind. My sister never yelled at her daughter so now she hits her and yells a lot when she doesn’t get her way…I’ve learned from her that disciplining kids really young is the best thing you can do so you don’t get bratty children!


    • Eccentric Owl

      Yeah, it’s not hard — it’s just to get his attention. When he’s older if he screams at me like that (angry) he’ll likely get spanked.

      And really, yelling isn’t a good way to discipline a child, so at least in that it’s good your sister doesn’t yell at her daughter. But the best way to discipline is definitely by being calm and reasonable, and explaining why what they did was wrong, and why you need to discipline them for it.

      So at Asa’s age, all I can do is get his attention by flicking his lip.

  • Desarae

    You look so glamorous in these shots with Asa. 🙂 That is a great idea for an early, very gentle form of discipline. I will have to remember that.