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    … and baby makes three

    Happy Monday, everyone! To kick off the week, I thought I’d share the little family session my husband and I did with… ourselves, haha! I had been contacted by Joules and they kindly sent me a few things to review, and since there was something for all of us, and it all went together, and it’s the time of year when we’ll be needing a good family photo for Christmas cards, we thought… why not? So my husband set up the tripod, and we all traipsed out to the yard to do some pictures. I am still teaching my husband how to pose; I told him to look tough, and…

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    Hello, Sweetie

    Thursday’s Clara Oswald inspired outfit has started a theme, you guys. Yesterday, I realized that this tunic is sort of reminiscent of what River Song wears in the “Let’s Kill Hitler” episode… and there’s that. I now have a Pinterest board that a friend and I are filling up with outfits from TV shows that we can actually create from our closets, and it’s so fun! You’re probably going to be seeing a lot more outfits inspired by TV characters now. I think this is my favorite thing to do, because it doesn’t have to be an all-out perfect cosplay, and it’s a good jump-start for days when I’m feeling…

  • Baby and Parenthood

    Saturday Sweets: Pirate baby

    I think this outfit makes Asa look like a miniature Smee. And he’s the cutest Pirate Baby you ever did see, right? Haha! Oh, I love this boy. Really, it’s not quite hot enough for him to wear this outfit yet, but I’m starting to look forward to fall and everything it contains, and I’m hoping he’ll still fit this when it gets cooler out! As you can see, he has learned to blow raspberries, and does it all. day. long. It’s like his new favorite thing to do. That, and talk. And talk. And talk. He’s sort of learning how to do his “da” sounds now, but mostly it’s…

  • Love

    Father’s Day

    The moment you became a Father, I fell more in love with you than I ever thought possible. There is nothing I love so much as watching you be a daddy. Happy Father’s Day, my love. Let’s have lots of babies. Yours always, Me.

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    Man of Style: Red Velvet, Corduroy, and Koa Wood Rings

    Well, I’m sort of back! Since I’m still not quite adjusted to life with a baby (aka… waking up every three or four hours at night to feed him), I thought I’d have my husband step in with a style post to get this month started off with some hotness and love. It is February, after all, the month of mush and dreams and romance, right? So I present to you the love of my life, in all his handsomeness. This post is especially exciting for him, as it’s the first time he’s been the recipient of a sponsor item instead of me. Every time I get something in the…