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Today, we are going to the drive-in movies on a date, without Asa — we usually take him with us and only stay for the first movie — and as I mentioned, we’re going to see E.T. and Back to the Future. So obviously, I have to wear this shirt, and I had to have my morning coffee out of this cup, which I painted for Mr. Owl, based on the image on my shirt. I’ve always wanted to do theme dressing, and this is probably the closest I’ve ever gotten. It’s nerdy, and I like it. The Nerdy Mom | www.eccentricowl.comThe Nerdy Mom | I’m so, so happy that it is finally Friday; I feel like this week has taken forEVER to pass! Asa has not been sleeping all the way through the night, and I’ve decided it’s time to train him to do so. Which will be hard. But he’s big enough and gaining weight well enough that he doesn’t need to wake up at 4am to eat, and I plan to hopefully get him to sleep until 6am, when I can just get up with my husband, feed Asa, and start the day.

It’s rough, though, because Asa still sleeps in our room — we live in my parents’ basement, and we don’t have a room for him — so letting him fuss and be noisy in the wee hours of the morning is just hard. It’s come to the point where I know he’s just fussing because he’s used to me getting him up to eat, though. This morning he woke up at 4:30, cried for two seconds, took his pacifier when I gave it to him, threw a fit, stopped to see if we would come get him, and then proceeded to just be loud. Not cry, but use his voice at the top of his loud-ness meter… stopping every minute or so to see if anyone would come. The Nerdy Mom | The Nerdy Mom | www.eccentricowl.comThe Nerdy Mom | So I just let him be loud until 5am, when my husband sort of rolled over and said “It’s 5’o’clock” in a manner that suggested maybe I should just get the kid up and feed him to make him shush. Haha! That’s the other reason why it’s hard to just let him be fussy– my husband has to get up for work, and I really hate waking him up.

But this week, we’re just going to have at it. I am hoping that by comforting without picking him up, and making him wait until at least 5am to eat unless he actually begins to cry with distress/hunger instead of “I’m awake and bored and used to eating to go back to sleep” noises, I can get him to sleep longer. Plus, I have read and also been told that over-tired babies will wake up more often and not sleep as well at night, so I plan to work on his daily naptimes. My sister-in-law told me that with her son, who is a few months younger than Asa, once she got him to take good naps during the day, he started to sleep all night until 7am. The Nerdy Mom | www.eccentricowl.comThe Nerdy Mom |

So, it’s time to structure his naptimes more! No more sleeping upstairs; I’ll put him to bed in his crib, and he’ll have to stay in naptime (with a toy if he wakes up and gets noisy) until a certain time twice a day. I’ve been pretty relaxed about routine with him, other than feeding times (even then, if he’s hungry before he’s supposed to eat, I feed him. But he usually only eats every four hours), so I’ll have to work on putting him down routinely, and making a bedtime routine. The Nerdy Mom | The Nerdy Mom | And that’s this whole post about baby stuff.

This is what happens when you’re a stay-at-home mom who works from home, doesn’t have a car, and never does anything exciting. Seriously. The most exciting thing I’ve done all week is that I finally, finally changed my name on my driver’s license to my married name.

*ahem* It’s only been a year and eight months. We’ve only had one kid. I might be a slight procrastinator, haha! It actually took my license expiring for me to go in and change my name, and even then I didn’t renew my license for 4 months. I mean, I don’t have a car, so I wasn’t actually driving anywhere…

The Nerdy Mom |

Cardigan and tee, Target | Jeans, motherhood maternity | JC Penney boots | gift handmade scarf

And yes, don’t judge, I am still wearing my maternity pants because they’re way more comfortable than non-pregnant jeans. I don’t actually need to wear maternity pants any more, but you guys… let me  tell you why everyone should just always wear them:

1. The high-waisted belly band, which means there’s no muffin-top inducing waistline, and also no huge gap in the waist for people like me who have a 15 inch difference between their hips and waist.
2. Perfect amount of stretch and support
3. They never fall down, because of the belly band
4. You can bend over and never worry about flashing anyone some underwear (or other things…)
5. No buttons or zippers to look weird and lumpy under tee shirt hemlines
6. They’re not yoga pants.

So, you know. I love my maternity jeans and I will probably always wear them even when I’m not pregnant and have lost all of my baby weight (like right now.)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Happy Friday!

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  • epopek

    Maternity jeans are THE BEST! My daughter is 2.5 and i still have a pair of maternity shorts. 🙂

    As far as babies and schedules go, I will just toss my $0.02 out there and say, if you work on the routine for a while and it feels like it just isn’t happening, there’s no shame in backing off and trying again later. Sometimes your kid is not ready to do things on your time table, you know? But it’s definitely worth making the effort.

  • Salazar

    Awesome shirt! That reminds me, I have to show my students Back to the Future one of these days. They’ve never seen it, can you believe it?!

  • Simona

    LOve back to the future, don’t care if it is nerdy, love it! how cosy are these shots, I see that you are already in to Fall mode, not ready yet, but enjoying it from a distance, ha!

  • Desarae

    Cute outfit. You said you painted this mug yourself? PLEASE tell me what paint you used- in fact you could do a whole post on it. I painted some mugs myself and loved it, I baked them and all, but the design comes off and I’m so sad. I have done some research, but it seems like if you want a permanent, food safe painted mug, you have to fire and coat them yourself, and I just wonder if there is an easier way?