Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt

Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt | Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt | Today, I’ve been reading through forums on a certain site about why people get annoyed with fashion bloggers — whether in general, or specific bloggers –, and it’s been… interesting. Reading negative feedback about bloggers as a whole or bloggers that I follow and like has ruffled my defensive feathers here and there, but it’s also made me really evaluate my own blogging.

Now, I kind of hope to never be under the radar of that forum, because let’s face it: who wants to be criticized when they think they’re okay? Not to say I hate getting constructive criticism — as a person who posted fiction online for years, I’m used to that — but a lot of the opinions I’ve read can be very snarky in a not funny way. And I’m pretty soft-hearted.

But it’s also been helpful, in a way, to read opinions from people who don’t have fashion blogs, who get annoyed at certain fashion blogs, or who just get tired of the same-old same-old from the style blogging niche on a whole.

Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt |

I’ve learned that it’s okay not to be like every other blogger out there. Obviously, people like originality, but I’ve always felt a certain pressure to do certain things just because other bloggers do it too. My blog may not be the most unique, but as I read through the posts and comments and critiques, I realized that the little voice in the back of my head telling me I need to post more lifestyle/cooking/kid/husband/adventure posts just because that’s what fashion bloggers are “supposed to do” needs to be squelched.

It’s okay if all I do is post fashion with the occasional “look at my kid, he’s cute!” days. It’s okay if I don’t actually want to post more about my lifestyle. (In pictures — I don’t mind talking about it, but photographing it is a whole different thing). Because I’m not really inspired by my current surroundings, I don’t think my house is that great, and life as a pregnant mom who can’t move around much due to ligament pain can get pretty repetitive. Someday, when we have our own space, I’ll get more into lifestyle blogging, maybe. But it’s okay not to be A Beautiful Mess (whom I love) and have a perfect life. It’s okay to stick to one topic for a while.Β It’s okay, because it’s better to write with sincerity about what you love than fake enthusiasm for posts you just aren’t feeling.

I like fashion, books, and writing, so that’s what I’ll post for now.

Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt | Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt | I’ve also realized that I need to get more creative with photography again. I’m in a photography rut right now; I have a routine, and it needs to change. I always admire bloggers who have interesting shots and change it up rather than the standard full body + detail + head shots (the rut I’m in right now), and I need to kick-start that admiration into something productive. I was trying to have my husband do my photography, but I really enjoy taking my own images. Plus, with blogging, I feel like having a photographer makes it less my own, in some way; I get less creative license with my photos, and often forget to tell him if I have a certain shot I really want.

Mostly, though, reading through the site has just reminded me that nobody likes a copycat, a blogger who writes nothingness just to have text with her pictures, blogs that only post content from other sites/other creators, or bloggers whose style has become walking advertisement due to all c/o items. It’s been a good reminder not to worry that I don’t have all the money or fame or adventures that other bloggers do, that it’s okay if my house isn’t perfect and my life is just normal.

Lord of the Rings shirt and Polka Dot skirt |

Shirt, Tee Fury | skirt and belt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth | glasses, c/oΒ Firmoo | earrings, Reniassance Faire

Basically, I’ve learned through these forums that the best way to blog is to be yourself. Do what you love, improve your skills as much as you can, and don’t try to be like everyone else because you think that’s what will make you popular. And, you know, don’t be afraid to take some critique and always be looking for ways to improve.

Also, don’t post 100 pictures in one post. Haha! That, apparently, is an annoyance factor with a lot of blog readers.

What have you learned from constructive (or not constructive) criticism over the years? From reading it about other people? Do you ever feel pressured to blog about things that don’t actually interest or inspire you, simply because everyone else does it?

Happy Wednesday!

(P.S. This outfit is from February, but for some reason I never posted it. And that’s why I look less pregnant.)


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  • Salazar

    I think we’re reading the same forums πŸ˜€ I agree that some of the snarking can be a little ridiculous, like people would criticize every single thing a blogger does, but overall it has been kind of eye-opening to me and helped me see that, for me at least, blogging should just be a hobby. The moment you try to prove something or put any kind of pressure on yourself, it stops being fun.

    That shirt is awesome, btw.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Oh yeah, I read a lot of the comments and just think “Dude, if it’s not your cup of tea, go read some other blog and quit criticizing this person for not dressing the way you want them to dress.” I tend to give personal style and art a bit of a pass most of the time because every person prefers different aesthetics. But, when bloggers just wear all c/o items that are brand new every post and never remixes with older items, items they bought themselves, and their posts are full of affiliate links (not to mention lots of sidebar ads)… then yes. Critique is possibly needed because it seems very sellout.

      And I agree — as soon as a blogger feels like they have to produce content for a reason other than because they genuinely love whatever it is they’re blogging about… thoughts should be rethunk. (Not a word, I know.)

      And isn’t it an awesome shirt? My husband bought it for me (with my full knowledge) for Valentine’s day. Best V-day gift ever, in my opinion.

  • kim

    i love your blog just the way it is. you are a talented writer and im always anticipating your posts. you are real and down to earth relatable. keep at it! il keep reading. your lifestyle posts are a great read too! keep posting mama asa!

  • dani

    It’s funny you should bring this up today, because I was reading a blog post yesterday about fashion blogs today, and how the majority of them, well, suck… and I just want to let you know that your blog is not one of them! I honestly see it as much more than a fashion blog, and even though you might not photograph your home/family/daily life much (I feel you there, since I’m temporarily living with my in-laws and it’s not even my home), I still love reading your long and detailed posts, and I feel like I know so much more about your day-to-day life than most other blogs because of it! That’s why I keep coming back, I love how personal your blog is πŸ™‚ Keep on posting!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Thank you, Dani! Haha, after I read the forums discussing fashion blogging and annoyances, I realized that there ARE a lot of copycat blogs and very same-old-same-old blogs. So I’m glad to know that I’m not one of them. I think the biggest thing to remember is to just… be sincere. That seems to be the core of any person complaining about a style blog, that the blogger is copycatting and writes in a voice that seems insincere.

      Living with parents or in laws is hard, even though it does have benefits (hello, live-in babysitters!). I hope we can both get our own spaces soon!

      And thank you for all of your comments and support! I’ve been SO bad about responding lately, but I really appreciate you!

  • Damaris / The cat, you and us

    I get part of the criticism on some blogs which don’t feel like a real person is behind anymore, but at the same time I also think: ok, so don’t read it anymore! πŸ™‚ I love to see your opinions on lots of stuff along with your outfit pics. Always love your fun/geek/quirky t-shirt & skirt combo.

    • Eccentric Owl

      That is very true; I did read a lot of the critique and think “if you don’t like it, don’t read it!” but through the petty comments, there was also a lot of good critique that I definitely want to put into action!

      And thank you! This is one of my favorite combinations!