Lady (V London) in Yellow || A Dress Review

I know I have not yet properly introduced Irene here on the blog, but if you follow me on any social media you will have seen her in abundance by now! And I am saving her newborn photos for her birth story, which I’ve yet to get started writing out. In place of that, hello! I have been itching to get out and start photographing outfits again, and this gorgeous Lady V London Elsie dress seemed like the perfect way to return to blogging. 

Elsie Dress, Lady V London (or similar here) | Shoes, Amazon | hat, vintage (similar) | Picnic Portrait brooch, Erstwilder

I bought this beautiful yellow Elsie dress  back when I was about 7 months pregnant, as I had heard it was super stretchy and might be a great option for a non-maternity maternity dress. As you know, I did my best not to buy too many  maternity items, as I only really ever need them for about 3 months of a pregnancy and I just can’t justify adding things to my closet that will only be used for such a short time. Plus, with the stretch and mock wrap front, I knew it would be good for breastfeeding as well.

 Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out while I was pregnant. While it fit me, it rode up far past my knees anytime I walked around. Plus, while the front seems to be fairly opaque because of the wrap style, the back is very sheer and requires a second layer or completely nude underwear (which I don’t have!). So I set it side and hoped that it would suit me better post pregnancy. And thankfully, with the help of my Rago longline bra and leg shaper to add opacity so that nothing shows through the dress, it does! It still shows every line and bump of the shapewear, which you cannot see so much in photos as in real life, so I’ll have to find an alternative undergarment to keep things from showing.

But it’s comfortable and flattering, and works really well for breastfeeding! Between this and the Ursula, I think I’m well covered for pretty wiggle dresses that work well with my shape. I used to feel very self-conscious in wiggle styles, but finding the right cut has changed that tremendously! The little flutter of fabric along the side of this helps camouflage the baby belly that is still shrinking down, and adds some interest to the otherwise basic body-skimming style.  

This post-birth healing phase has been my best ever, and has left me feeling impossibly good and ready to jump back into the heart of things. Of course, it takes adjustment with a new baby and two older ones who have new expectations of how life will go, but rather than feeling as though time is being eaten away and I cannot give any more to a hobby, I’ve felt rejuvenated interest and determination to put some time into what I love. Outside of motherhood, of course!

It felt so good to get out and take these photos and exercise my creativity again. Even if it was just in my parents’ yard! Having those few weeks off to rest and recover sparked quite a few things in my life, one of which was reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This inspired me to finally let go of so many things in our house and my wardrobe, and as she says in the book decluttering your home really does also declutter your mind, and makes more time for doing the things you want to be doing!

While I am not done decluttering my home, since reading the book and beginning the KonMari method, I’ve found that I keep my house clean on a daily basis — which NEVER happened before — and now feel like I have extra time to do other things. Before reading the book and purging things that didn’t spark joy, I always felt a bit overwhelmed with housework and things. But the storage suggestions and purging have helped so much to simplify home life. Much needed when one is adding more babies to one’s life!

I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with blogging and YouTube! Next up, filming that massive thrift haul that has been waiting for me to get on it for months…

Elsie Dress, Lady V London (or similar here) | Shoes, Amazon | hat, vintage (similar) | Picnic Portrait brooch, Erstwilder


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