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Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul

Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul | Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul |

I mentioned it on Instagram, but if you don’t have Instagram… now you know: I went through with it and cut my hair. On the day I wrote the blog post, because my husband told me I should just do it, and I’m SO glad I did! My hair looks and feels so much thicker and healthier now that all of the dead and damaged ends are gone, and I feel so much more retro! I even feel like I can still be a hippie even though I’ve got shorter hair. Also, I don’t have to brush it very much. And that’s a huge plus.

You guys can file this under “reasons I always try things on with a belt.” Or, “furthering my addiction to florals.” Or even “who cares about rules, I wear what I want.” Because had I not belted this in the thrift store, I wouldn’t have gotten it, and because this means probably about 75% of my wardrobe is floral now, and also pregnant women with big hips shouldn’t wear dresses that are basically muumuus.

But I am a rule breaker. Sometimes. Yeah. I don’t follow recipes or patterns either, because I’m cool like that. (But no, I will not break work rules or home rules or most rules set by other people because that’s just rude.)Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul | Yesterday, I left my flu-ridden child at home with grandma and went thrifting.

Okay, so it wasn’t actually that heartless: I had to meet with a couple to discuss what they wanted for their wedding photography, and the place that I met them was literally 2 minutes away from my favorite thrift store… so I took advantage and had a quick run through. I felt slightly bad for not getting home ASAP to my sick baby, but I don’t get the car without the baby very often, and really I was only there for 30 minutes or so. Sometimes, mama’s gotta do what mama’s gotta do to get sane. Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Of course, as soon as I got home all of my attention was given to Asa, who hurled four or five times, had the runs and filled more diapers than I care to count, and was up much too late due to his upset stomach and runny poops. Real mom blog talk: I was barfed and pooped on a lot yesterday, but the hardest part was not the mess. The hardest part was listening to my sunshine boy screamΒ  because he was so miserable at night. Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul | Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul | Thankfully, he woke up feeling much better this morning, if quite tired from the long night, and I’m hoping that it’s over and that we don’t get it. I’ll be going on an overnight trip to Oregon this weekend with my sister-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law for our collective birthdays (we all turned or turn 27 this year) and I do not want to be sick and miss it.

I also do not want to have a sick baby again for a while. It’s too sad.

Boho Maternity Wear and a Thrift Haul |

Dress, heels, and scarf, thrifted | belt, came with a skirt | ring, Target | glasses c/o Firmoo

I had a lot of luck at the thrift store, so I thought I’d do a thrift haul video full of yesterday’s thrifting and also the things I got from Goodwill the week before. I have to warn you: it’s totally disorganized and kind of spacey because I can’t think of words and I didn’t have everything with me. I didn’t edit that out, though, because… real life, yo.

And also I don’t know why I suddenly got gangsta at the mention of Macklemore. It happens.


I forgot to mention in the video: total spent at St Vincent = $11 for 3 belts, 2 baby things, 1 jumpsuit, 2 dresses, a skirt, 4 headscarves, and a pair of shoes. Total spent at Goodwill: $17 for 1 dress and 3 shirts.

Happy Wednesday!


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