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Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and thrift haul part 2

Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul | www.eccentricowl.comVintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul |

I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day! Mine was filled with lots of family, and we just relaxed at my in-laws and then my parents house for most of the day. Asa painted me some art (with help from my husband), my husband made me the coolest cutting board ever (which he might make more of to sell if people are interested), my mom got me The Whole30 Cookbook (I’m finally feeling able to stick to a more Paleo diet again! Food aversions are the worst), and I got lots of candles, chocolate, and lotion from my in-laws. Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul | www.eccentricowl.comVintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul | I also felt super crafty yesterday, so I started to make my mom something like this with the old wooden fruit boxes we have. Today I’m  hoping to paint them like authentic old fruit crates, and then she’ll finally have somewhere to put her fruit and veggies!

But, the downside of the long weekend (during which I also had a photoshoot – super fun – and a generally very busy Friday) was that Asa did not nap much on any of the weekend days, and is now somewhat off. I hesitate to say grumpy, because he really doesn’t get grumpy, he just gets a bit more stubborn and rebellious, and starts to get into all of the things he knows he shouldn’t be getting into. Add to that four teeth coming in at once (a molar, possibly two eye teeth…) and today has been decided — lots of naps, cuddles, cartoons, and relaxing.Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul | Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul | I’m finally getting into my backlog of posts — I have two or three more to share — and realizing that I should probably just have a backlog always. It’s so nice to have outfits or trips to share on days when I know I won’t be able to take pictures (or… um… get dressed…). I’ve decided to start styling some of my Etsy shop items, because I’m the type of person who really needs to see an online item on someone before I know whether I want it or not.

This sweater is one of those things that I halfway want to keep, but know I only have one or two things that would really go with it. Oh, the practical side of having a large wardrobe and having to make decisions about really cute vintage.

Vintage striped sweater, a headscarf, and a thrift haul |

Sweater, vintage, available here | skirt and scarf, vintage/thrifted | belt, thrifted | shoes, Modcloth (similar) | earrings… ?

And the second part of my thrift haul is here! It’s just as long as the first one, so if you’re a long-video kind of person, enjoy! I debated sharing how much I pay for Etsy finds versus how much I list them for, but I feel as though that shouldn’t be a thing people feel afraid to talk about. Personally, my knowing what a seller paid for an item doesn’t affect my judgement of what they are asking for it — I just get curious about how other vintage sellers process their price points.

It’s always a gamble buying an item for Etsy, because you never know for sure whether it will sell, and practicality demands that right now I keep personal Etsy garment costs to a minimum. I always try to price things fairly, based on what similar items are priced for, what era they’re from, the wearability, the quality, the fabric, and a lot more. But I think I talk about that in the video.

And as I mentioned, if you feel like shopping, use the code OWLREADER to get 15% off of anything! Also, if ever you see something that you think I might have put in the wrong era, feel free to let me know and I’ll look into it more!

I hope you all have a great Monday!


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  • Rebecca

    Happy Mother’s Day Kristina! Sounds like you got a lot of nice gifts. I have considered doing a Whole 30 and bought the book (but haven’t read it yet). Have you done the Whole 30? Is the cookbook any good? You bring up a really good point regarding the pricing of your Etsy shop items. Yes, you may have paid only a little for each garment relative to how much you are listing on Etsy but you are saving your customers time so it is okay to charge more. Also, buying vintage is almost like buying one of a kind pieces! Rebecca//

    • Eccentric Owl

      I have done a Whole30, a nd I felt SO good after doing it. I’d recommend if anything getting either this cookbook, which has all of the basics of the Whole30 in it as well as recipes (I haven’t tried them yet, so I’ll have to let you know!) or “Well Fed”, because she has AMAZING recipes and expressly notes if they aren’t Whole30 compliant.

  • Babymoon Advice

    You are just stunning as a lil mama-to-be, lady! Gorgeous, gorgeous–you make it look so easy. The yellow and turqoise color combo is beautiful. Your photos are just so calming and how I’d hope to be once I’m pregnant.


  • Hannah Rupp

    I’ve been loving your thrift hauls! I know I make pretty flashy hauls myself but I enjoy watching people who are so thorough and knowledgeable about their buys. It trumps over edited any day!

    Your outfit is just so colorful and happy. It makes me smile! I’m so glad you put up that sweater for sale so that it can make somebody elses day. I have to tell myself a lot when I put up clothes for sale on Etsy or else I’d hog everything, too! haha

    -Hannah | The Outfit Repeater