Recreating Vintage Outfits on a Vintage Plus Size Body

Outfit 1-1
This past weekend I decided to try recreating some vintage outfits I have had pinned to my Pinterest board for a few years now. This one, with the sweater and plaid skirt, was definitely my favorite. I have an affinity for plaid, and it just reminds me of everything fall and bookish. I will definitely be recreating this outfit in many different iterations. I have an entire bin full of plaid skirts so it may just become my fall uniform!

Be sure to watch the video if you want to see all five outfits!

Outfit 1-4Outfit 1-11Outfit 1-3 I’m beginning to miss my more natural colored hair. This month I’ll be dyeing my hair red again, before going back to my eventual natural brown. I have had so much fun exploring pastel pinks and purples, but honestly… I need a low-maintenance hair color! With everything that I have going on these days I just don’t have time to upkeep my hair. Currently it’s in a weird in-between stage of fading, and I’ll be honest: I hate it. With the dark roots, the pinkish-lavender tips, and all of the different peach and yellow tones in between, it’s just a mess!

Outfit 1-10Ah well. At least you cannot tell in photos!

Today, I am focused solely on writing. I really want to get The Devil of Calhoun finished by November, which means I have to write around 300 words a day (super easy) or around 2,250 words a week (again, not even one chapter long for my general chapter lengths). And, while it feels like it should be simple and it¬†looks simple on paper… it’s really¬† not that easy. Given that I have four kids who need me, and a house that I have to keep up, and a husband who also wants attention sometimes. (Oh hey, who’d have thought marriage actually requires attention? HA!)

Hopefully my heavy facetiousness came through just then. I am in no way complaining that I have to do any of these things. I just, you know, would love a full day of just writing and nothing else. Easy?

Outfit 1-5

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