Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes

Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes |

Well, hello! It’s my first ever outfit shot at our new house, and I apologize in advance that these pictures aren’t completely in focus (or is it just my photographer eye that is annoyed by that?) because its been two weeks since I’ve done ANY pictures (or, let’s face it, even gotten dressed in something cute) and I’m not exactly sure when our duplex neighbor is home/awake, so I was feeling a bit self-conscious. But I thought I’d at least try to have a bit of style in these last few weeks of being pregnant. Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes | www.eccentricowl.comMaternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes | I am getting to the point where having good maternity style is getting almost too hard to make an effort. It’s been hot, I’m 34 weeks (today!), the chubby one (aka Asa) runs around like crazy, and I am just plain tired. I am really, really looking forward to just having this baby already and at least having a somewhat normal body again.

It’s really interesting to me to compare my maternity style from this pregnancy to my maternity style from my first pregnancy (here my first pregnancy’s 34 week outfits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); I definitely had more energy (no toddler, wasn’t hot through my biggest months) the first time around, which is a given, and I feel like I was a bit more creative. Although it’s always easier for me to be creative with my style when it’s cooler out — more ways to layer and all. Plus, my wardrobe is getting very, very thin. Nothing fits any more. Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes | Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes |

I am really excited about the property around this duplex, though. There are several places I already know I’ll be taking pictures, plus the house itself is a nice color and the garage door is a different color, and I’m fairly sure the neighbor works swing shift and sleeps most of the day. His blinds are always closed and I’ve only ever seen him twice, plus he got home around midnight one night (and he looks to be in his 60’s, so I know it wasn’t a party). Once I’ve established for certain that he probably won’t see me in the driveway, I’ll feel more confident about pictures there. Maternity Style: Circle Skirt, Tank top, T-strap Shoes |

Skirt, thrifted | top, Target | belt, came with this skirt, and shoes, Modcloth

But I am also excited about the other opportunities I have here; blogging more about life, motherhood, budgeting, cooking, and all that fun stuff! This house has pretty decent lighting (a big sliding glass door in the dining room, a big front window in the living room) which makes it easier for me to photograph inside, and I’m so excited about that! You know you’re a photographer/blogger when the first requirement of a rental is big windows for light. Ha!

I am off to read some blogs, or maybe take a nap, and probably most definitely eat some watermelon (or maybe a freezer pop. We’ll see. The iciness!). I hope you’ve all had a great week! Happy Friday!


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  • Emily

    Oh, there’s nothing like that point in the pregnancy when basically nothing fits anymore and you start to hate the things that do fit because you have to wear them every day! I totally wanted to burn all my maternity slacks (I gave birth in January so pants were a big part of my work wardrobe) after my daughter was born, but in the end I was too frugal and sold them on consignment, ha ha. This skirt is SO terrific, though!

  • SaraLily

    This look is adorable!!! I can only imagine how miserable it can be to be hot and very pregnant! Hang in there! Also, I love that you include other ways you’ve worn the skirt! What a fun idea!!

  • Jacqueline

    Wowza, I love the shoes in this post – amazingly adorable and mustard none the less! Also, it’s cool to see the different ways you’ve styled this skirt before, really shows the versatility of it! 😀

  • Lyndsey M

    I think you look amazing at 34 weeks! I’m dying from the heat and my outfits are ridiculously simple- I’m not even pregnant!! haha. That skirt looks great on you at every stage! <3

  • Crissy

    You look amazing! It has been way too hot to get all dressed up regularly haha I’m jealous of the windows in your new place. This is one of the things I want so badly!