Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My!

Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! |   Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! |

Skirt provided free of charge from SammyDress in return for my honest opinions.

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I have a problem. A polka-dot problem. But I just can’t resist them, as you can see! And when I was contacted by SammyDress to do a review, I thought about it for a long time. SammyDress is one of those sites whose prices seem far too good to be true, but that’s not always a bad thing. I have worked with Oasap in the past, and have always been pretty pleased with the things I got from them — their only flaw is usually sizing, in that their Large is the equivalent of a US Medium or Small.

So, after lurking what they had to offer for a while, and reading some reviews, I decided to go for it. And… well, there are pros and cons to this skirt.

Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! | Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! |

The pros: it looks like the picture, it matches the description, and… guys, it’s really cute. I’ve worn it three times already! It flows really well, and I love the pleats and the flow! I love the straps (which are sheer, so you can see polka dots beneath polka dots), and the elastic waistband, and the big belt loops.

The cons: the underskirt/lining BARELY came down past my butt and was too tight, it only comes in one size (elastic waist), and the material is fairly sheer. So if you have a bust that is anywhere over 40″ you won’t be able to get this on over your head (I feel like I might get stuck every time I put it on), and if your hips are extra curvy, forget the lining! I cut the lining out and used one of my own slips to keep from being scandalous, so I’m not too bothered, but it was a very cheap lining.

Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! | Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! |

To me, it’s fairly worth buying at its price of $9.83, but if you’re looking for something with really good quality, well… this is probably not the garment for you. Not to say I think this will fall apart right away, but I can’t see it lasting for years. You just get what you pay for. 😉 I would compare SammyDress to Forever21 — inexpensive, quickly made, and good for when you’re just seeking out a trendy piece that won’t be stylish forever. I will probably lurk the site for inexpensive things once in a while, simply  because I have a very small budget and occasionally can’t find things at the thrift store and don’t feel like making them myself.

Although, I would have to argue that this skirt will definitely be stylish forever, because you really can’t go wrong with black and white and polka dots.

Gingham and Dots and Stripes, Oh My! |

skirt recieved free of charge via SammyDress- $9.83| shoes, belt, shirt, umbrella, and vintage brooch, thrifted | tights, Target | headband, Modcloth.

What do you guys think about buying fast fashion? I have mixed feelings; I like instant gratification and inexpensive prices, but there can be an ethical side to that, and I also don’t like adding things to my closet that are going to fall apart after a few washes.

But… the polka dots get me every time. Sigh.

Happy Wednesday!


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  • Justina Kenyon

    The fast fashion question is always a hard one for me. I feel most conflicted because I know a lot of the clothes are manufactured in sweat shops and I am firmly against that practice. That is why I try to thrift the bulk of my clothes, but like you said, there are some things that just can’t be found at thrift stores. Like pants that actually fit my waist, hips, and legs. So I try to stick to buying things that I can’t find anywhere else (not always easy because INSTANT GRATIFICATION). One thing I don’t seem to have a problem with is clothes from places like F21 wearing out quickly. Maybe I am just gentle on clothes without trying, but I haven’t had a big problem with this (could be because I am a stickler for reading reviews and only buy things that seem sturdy).
    *sigh* The struggle seems very real.

    • Eccentric Owl

      Exactly! I actually prefer thrifting my clothes mainly because you get things that are more unique, you’re “recycling” in a sense, and, you know, I like the thrill of the hunt. But when you’re looking for something specific it’s hard because you can’t always find a great item right away. Sometimes you have that thing on your list for years before you find it at a thrift store.

      Maybe you are! But I have also noticed that the more you pay for a garment at F21 or online in places like this shop, the sturdier it is. I had some inexpensive camis from F21 that got holes and the hem rolled up within a few washes, but then I also had a red dress that was more expensive (hahaha “expensive” it was like $25) that lasted me a few years. So it’s probably kind of hit and miss.

  • nancy drays

    I love your ideas for pattern mixing — you always point out really nice tips that help make the patterns mix, not clash. It’s great inspiration!

    I also really like that you made this post about the clothes, but it was still thoughtful and not just a “look how great this looks!” post. Those are great and entertaining, but your posts are so much more thoughtful than those and I really love that about this blog! It’s real and it’s easy to relate 🙂