Christmas Eve

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Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Earlier this year, I was perusing my local Goodwill’s fabric section, as I am very prone to do these days now that I have my own sewing machine and kids + a husband (and myself) to sew for, and I saw this fabric. Is it not the most perfect Christmas fabric you’ve ever seen? I bought it with many anxious thoughts about whether or not there was enough – by my estimation using the tips-of-fingers-to-nose measuring (if you don’t know, that usually equals about a yard, give or take), there was about three yards. But since the fabric’s pattern is all one direction, I knew I’d have to cut the skirt out slightly differently than my other skirt.

Christmas Eve | www.eccentricowl.comChristmas Eve |

When I got home and measured it up against my “pattern” (aka, a circle skirt I’d already made) it was about 4 inches too short to do the usual length I go for. But with a bit of fudging and an inch or so taken off each piece, I made it work! There are a few little mishaps, most notably the hem being crooked and higher on one side, but thanks to the volume of the skirt you can’t really tell.

And I am so in love! I was relieved that this skirt was much easier to construct than my Star-Wars skirt, and I  made it in a day. Two circle skirts in one week is a lot for me! Next up: Doctor Who.

Christmas Eve |  Christmas Eve |

I am wearing this brooch because it reminds me of a snowflake – the shiniest, sparkliest snowflake ever! I think it’s vintage, but I don’t quite remember whether it was my grandma’s or whether I found it at the thrift store. It’s one of those pieces I’ve had since far before I ever started wearing brooches, and I think it makes the perfect winter accessory.

I am wearing this outfit to our church’s Christmas Eve service. I try to be super fancy every year — I’m talking, like, formal gown fancy — but this year since it’s really cold and I only have one “fancy” dress that doesn’t even fit, I feel a bit more casual. Since the skirt is winter-themed, though, I still feel appropriately dressed for Christmas.

Christmas Eve |

I have an update on those Nan Goldin emails! I had forgotten to update as soon as the person emailed me back, but soon after I posted this blog post (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read them! It’s… interesting)the blogger Tamara from TC Style Clues emailed me and said she’d gotten some emails from “Nan” as well. She’d found my post after receiving an email from Nan and Googling “Nan Goldin Coaching Style Bloggers.” It was the first post that came up.

And, to confirm my suspicions that “Nan” is probably a shoe fetishist, Tamara said “In her first email she already talked about how Louboutin heels would look great on my legs.”

Christmas Eve |

So there you have it! Pretty much confirmed that if you get an email from someone named Nan Goldin posing as the photographer, they’re basically just out to try to get young women to wear high heels and “high fashion” for their own weird fetish desires.

And if you do get emails from them, I wanna know! I am fascinated by these things. What’s the weirdest email you’ve ever gotten?

Christmas Eve | Christmas Eve | www.eccentricowl.comChristmas Eve |

Skirt, self-made from thrifted fabric | tights, Target | cardigan, shoes, and brooch, thrifted

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


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  • Linda (gnatspan)

    I hope you guys have a great Christmas! I know you will because you are a great little family! Love the fabric. I love vintage things a.k.a. things I can remember from my childhood 🙁

  • SaraLily

    Happy Christmas!! I hope the entire Owl family has a great day! You look AMAZING! What a lovely skirt! Oh also, I just attacked you via social media (how was I not following you on twitter or on facebook??). I also sent you a friend request. If you don’t feel comfortable accepting (if your page is solely personal, etc.), I understand!! 😉

  • Lyndsey M

    You look absolutely BOMB! I think that this outfit is gorgeous and Christmas fancy- even if it’s not as fancy as you liked. I cannot believe you made that skirt! You have some serious skills girl. TEACH MEH!

    Also, ewww!! I haven’t gotten a creepy email yet, but I have been attacked on Instagram for my FEET. I don’t know if you saw my pedicure post (months way back.. Summer I think), but all kinds of men were commenting on how they wanted to “suck on my toes” and “do things to them with my feet”.. I literally had to block like 6 men (AND ONE FEMALE) in one day! That was the creepiest thing I’ve ever had happen to me. Hahaha!!