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Alice in Wonderland | www.eccentricowl.comAlice in Wonderland | www.eccentricowl.comAlice in Wonderland |

When I challenged myself to blog every day this month, I thought I would start to get tired of it. But much to my surprise, I’ve felt a burst of creativity in the last few days. I nearly gave up on getting photos yesterday because the weather was flat and gray, the baby was a sassy teething grump-nugget, and the toddler didn’t take a nap. But my mom came over, and as I was telling myself all the reasons I had not to take photos… I somehow convinced myself to take photos.

Alice in Wonderland | Alice in Wonderland | Alice in Wonderland |

Perhaps part of the convincing was that I saw this dress that Hannah sent me a while ago, and thought “I really, really need to wear and share that dress.” It’s too gorgeous to just hang in my closet and never see the light of day (or blog photos, ha!). And part of the convincing was that I just needed a little bit of time to be me. So, while my mom was over entertaining Asa and Evie, I decided to get a little more creative than normal and stage a shoot.

This dress, to me, just screams Alice in Wonderland. The color is such a perfect Alice-blue, and it’s so whimsical and pretty that I think it’s the perfect unique Alice dress. I was actually going to wear a vintage apron with it, but forgot until after the pictures were done. At first I was not 100% happy with how the photos turned out — I haven’t tried indoor shoots until now, and the lighting is a bit more tricky as I was attempting to use all the natural light and forgot to check that nothing was burning out (my dress.) After a little more editing than usual, some color overlays, and a few tweaks of the brightness and color saturation, though, I found myself really liking the way they looked.

Alice in Wonderland | Alice in Wonderland | www.eccentricowl.comAlice in Wonderland |

It was about time I used my teapot and teacups, too. I have an entire collection of teapots and teacups just sitting in our garage, all wrapped up in bubble wrap and tucked away in a box, waiting for… who knows what. I’m not a huge believer in keeping “special” dishes for once-in-a-while use — the goblets that I inherited from my grandma, that I never ONCE saw her use, I use whenever I get the chance –  but somehow I never use my collection of teacups. They’re so delicate and I am prone to breaking things.

Alice in Wonderland | www.eccentricowl.comAlice in Wonderland | Alice in Wonderland |

Dress, vintage, from Hannah | headscarf and heels, thrifted

So, in the end I obviously decided to set up a little Alice-in-Wonderland inspired shoot and have some tea with Evie’s bunny. And it was so much fun that I think I need to attempt a few more photoshoots like this! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Happy Tuesday!


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  • Mom

    I love these pictures! So Alice in wonderland! You know that if you break a tea cup or tea pot, then I would have something else to get you! Use those things you love and don’t be afraid to use them! If they break, at least you had the chance to use them. I got that from Grandma H. She always told me that if I didn’t use the pretty things she gave me, then she wouldn’t give me any more!

  • Noelle

    I have a giant teapot shaped soft spot in my heart for Alice and Wonderland, particularly the mad tea party. I actually have a mad tea party tattoo on my back, which never sees the light of day but, I know it’s there. So, these pictures are making me feel all kinds of glee! Just lovely!