28 | Outfit

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

It’s my birthday!

I always thought that I would feel older as I got closer to thirty, but it still surprises me when I realize that I’m only two years from the big 3-0. I’m not one to worry about age; I look forward to having years and years behind me, to holding hands with my husband when we have fifty years behind us, to having gray hair (if I ever get over this pink hair, that is) and wrinkles and just… living life. Of course I hope to look younger than my years as long as I can, but I’m not afraid of getting older.

Age, I think, is what you make of it, and while in some ways I feel more mature — two kids! what! — I mostly feel 21 at heart. I started this blog when I was almost 21, which seems insane. Nearly eight years of blogging behind me? Not all of it is up any longer, thanks to transferring posts and losing a few, but still. Eight years feels like a really long time to me.

28 | Outfit

Eight years ago I wasn’t even thinking about fashion blogging; this was a space solely for thoughts, and I didn’t think I was skinny enough or stylish enough to post pictures of my outfits online. Today, I know that style doesn’t depend on body type or weight; I’m at my heaviest, yet feel most confident. Sure, I am working to be healthier and lose a few pounds, but I have figured out how to dress my body in a way that makes me feel great, and I don’t rely on looking thinner to make me feel good.

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

I have read and heard that many women hit their stride in their thirties, and I feel like that may be true; I feel like I’m just beginning to hit my stride as I move closer to that age. I hope at thirty I will be healthier, stronger, and better all around, but only time can tell!

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

Today I started a challenge for myself to walk 10k steps a day for thirty days as a way to jump-start myself into a healthy new year. I prefer making resolutions or goals on birthdays rather than at the start of a new year; it’s my own personal new age to be the best I can be, and I like celebrating being a year older by working towards being a better self.

I am hoping I can hit that goal; I took a 3.5 mile walk (8k steps) today, and now have a blister on one foot from who knows what. I’m going to press on and hope band-aids help, but if you guys have any suggestions they’d be appreciated. And, you can follow my walks on Snapchat (@eccentricowl), join me on instagram (@eccentricowlblog) or just, you know, stalk me.

28 | Outfit28 | Outfit28 | Outfit

Dress, New Old Fashion Vintage | headscarf, shoes, and belt, thrifted

And while we’re talking about social media, go like my Facebook page! I would really love to hit or break the 500 mark soon! (Birthday wish?) I am sharing a few throwback photos of me there today, so, you know.

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!


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  • SaraLily

    Happpppyyyyyy Birthday! I totally don’t feel the way I thought I would at 27 soon-to-be 28 haha I always thought I’d feel more grown up. I hope this is just how it is and I still feel like a little kid when I am near 40!

    Anyway, this dress looks INCREDIBLE on you. Great birthday outfit for this post! Oo lala!!

  • Jamie

    Cute outfit birthday girl! I recently got a Fitbit Zip and bought a wrist band on Amazon for it (hello cheap-o), but it helps motivate me to hit my goal of 10k steps per day. The app has challenges you can sign up for too! Good luck on your new goal!


  • Girl & Closet

    Kristina, Happy Birthday!!! And I love your sentiments on dressing for your body, to feel great, rather than focusing on your weight. It’s taken me a long time to discover this, but thankful I have!! And oh my gosh, your dress, absolutely swooning over here!!

    Girl & Closet

  • Kay

    Happy Birthday! We are very close in age – I just turned 28 on the 23rd! I only just started following your blog (found you via The Cute Life!) but I am so impressed with your gorgeous style. I hope 28 is a great year for you!

  • Lizzy

    Happy Birthday, Kristina! I love your floral birthday dress and yellow wedges! This is a great post on getting older. You are so wise beyond your years. Having that depth of insight at 28 isn’t something most people at 28 have! Hope you have a beautiful year reaching your goals! 10K steps is a great way to start the year too! 🙂

  • Sara

    My feet blister easily too, so I have to tape them when I go hiking. I like Kinesio Tex Gold Tape the best. It comes in a long roll, and you can cut it to the size/length you need. It’s about $13 on Amazon. I like it better than Band Aids and Moleskin because it stays put through sweat and all. The only downside is that it’s a really bright blue, so it’s not very discrete under sandals or dress shoes, but for sports and hiking it’s perfect.

  • Emily

    This DRESS! It is so, so good 🙂 Also, happy belated birthday! I took a long blog break so I am playing catch-up now 😉