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The Key to the Tardis | www.eccentricowl.comThe Key to the Tardis |

I have been trying not to repeat any items in my outfits this month, but I finally broke down to re-wear my Tardis skirt (see the first styling here) and this key blouse (styled just a few days ago here) because my husband wore his Dalek bow tie to church and I had to wear Doctor Who. HAD to. Plus, I am getting to the things in my closet that this all dress/skirt and blog daily experiment has made me realize: I don’t like, I can’t fit, or I just don’t reach for that often.

I’m inspired to make a few more cute skirts from the stockpile of fabric I have, and to go find more blouses to wear now that I have these three new ones that I LOVE.

The Key to the Tardis |

And it’s also made me realize how much blue I wear, unintentionally. Yellow and red are my favorite colors, closely followed by orange, green, and pink, and I never would have claimed to wear a lot of blue… yet here it is the 24th and so far 12 of my 18 outfits have had blue in them.

The Key to the Tardis |

I really like that this blouse compliments the skirt and also is a little nod to the key to the TARDIS. Anything that ties into my nerdy garb is an instant yes with me!

The Key to the Tardis | The Key to the Tardis | www.eccentricowl.comThe Key to the Tardis |

shirt, thrifted, same (in different patterns) here  | Skirt, self made (get yours here) | shoes, thrifted | headscarf, self-made

Are there colors you find yourself wearing over and over again? Is it your favorite color, or just one you seem to have a lot of in your closet?

Happy Sunday!


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  • Jessie

    Absolutely perfect pattern mixing! You do look fab in blue. Green is my favourite colour, but I have relatively little of it in my closet – it seems to be the hardest colour for me to find garments in shades that I like. I wear loads of colour, but the colour I probably have most of is black! (Which I do love to wear!)

  • Noelle

    If any skirt is worth repeating it’s a tardis skirt, and how could you not want to put these pieces together?

    All of my favorite colors are weirdly specific and complicated colors; chartreuse, mauve, taupe, blush, mustard, and greyed jade. My eye is really drawn to in-between colors for some reason. I’ve recently discovered a love for candy apple red because it seems to go well with everything, but blue stumps me. Blue is always just so straightforward blue. I’m sure a connoisseur of blue could argue a pretty good case for all its varying shades, but to my eye it’s just blue.

  • SaraLily

    So I did see this on your Facebook but when I looked quick here, I didn’t know what was on your skirt (I am not a Dr. Who fan) but even still, loved the mixed patterns. Now that I see what is on your skirt, I still love it (even though I don’t really know for sure what a Tardis is – is it a payphone?) and I love the blues!!

    • Eccentric Owl

      The TARDIS is a Time And Relative Dimension In Space ship that was supposed to disguise itself according to its setting, but got stuck as a Police Box — which Britain used to have so you could call the cops. 😀 And, you could toss criminals inside and lock ’em in until the cops got there.

  • Lyndsey M

    I think you look fabulous in blue, especially when it’s Dr. Who themed! I’ve never seen the show personally but I low how there is a cult following for it, just like Supernatural. I LOVED that show!
    I can totally relate to not having more items of your favorite color in your closet- pink, olive green, and tan are my favorite colors, yet I own probably one of each. I quickly learned that they are not my best color choices for my fair skin. My closet mainly consists of blacks, browns, blues, and LOTS of patterns! Totally opposite, right?? ;D

  • Mona

    I love blue. I love DW. I love this outfit!!!
    I think you look just perfect in that! I love the mixed patterns, and I love the dalek head scarf. So much Doctor Who in one outfit! Well done!
    Much love,