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Today, Hannah and I are twinning! When I was watching a video of hers, I realized that we have really similar boho dresses, so I suggested we should style them in our own ways and see what we came up with. While you all know I am a total retro housewife girl at heart, sometimes the boho spirit calls to me and I have to go full-on hippie for a day. These photos came about a bit differently than I had hoped, but I love them all the same!

My husband and I had planned to do this shoot while camping on Memorial Day weekend. We were at Kalaloch (which I have shared before, here) and the beach there would have been phenomenal for shooting some moody, sweeping bohemian photos. But the second camping day, we woke up to torrential rain, ankle deep puddles, and two snotty babies. So we decided to go home, and instead shot on a local rocky beach with slightly different results.

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And even though the results are different from what I had imagined and planned for, I love them! I am working on getting more editorial with my photos. For a long time I have been stuck in a rut of shooting everything the same way, and doing a quick one-two with my photoshoots. Get outside, shoot full body, detail, headshot, and done! And that’s totally a fine way to do photos for a fashion blog. It is, after all, about the fashion, right?

But Noelle has really been inspiring me lately with her blog photos and I want to get a little more intentional with my shots! Plus, now that I’m only posting twice a week, it’s a bit easier to do planned shoots and know that on a certain day I need to really bring it for photos.

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I’m going to let you in on a little secret, too: I had my hair in braids for three days to achieve this mermaid hair look. Like. I was not going to let that hair get away from me for anything! Thankfully, I showered right before I put them in plaits, so I had clean mermaid hair.

And if I wasn’t planning to give this dress to a dear friend of mine, I would have waded into the water with it. But, I want to give it to her all in one piece, so I refrained. Gypsy Wanderer | Gypsy Wanderer | Gypsy Wanderer |

While we were shooting the photos on the swing, a few dogs ran over snarling and I thought we might get attacked. I kid you not, one of them had his hackles raised and I had the thought “I’m going to die on a swing.”

Luckily, they were just curious and calmed down after giving us both a good once-over and assuring themselves we were harmless.

Gypsy Wanderer | Gypsy Wanderer | www.eccentricowl.comGypsy Wanderer | Gypsy Wanderer |

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I hope you all are having a great start to your week! Don’t forget to visit Hannah’s blog to see how she styled her dress!


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