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Heads up! I use some affiliate links in this post, so if you click through and buy the things, I get a little percentage which helps support my blog! Thank you for helping me keep this space alive!Final-9Lady in Red | Lately I have been making a point to purchase garments that fit me as my body is now. I’m actively trying to lose weight (and mostly succeeding), but I don’t want to be stuck in the land of clothing that doesn’t fit. That does nothing for how I’m feeling about all the changes motherhood has brought to my body.

So after purchasing a few dresses online with some extra money I’d made from selling old dresses that just don’t work on me, I went to Goodwill and hit the motherlode. My Goodwill seems to hoard all the good dresses until prom season, and then they bust out a million things that I want to buy. I found this dress while combing through the extra racks they’d put out, and immediately wanted it.

Lady in Red | It’s a different fit than I usually gravitate towards; the waistline is less fitted, the hem is shorter, and the skirt isn’t a full circle. But it’s so comfortable, and it makes me feel so good. I don’t have to fuss and pull at any seams; it’s not super tight, and I can breastfeed in it.

Plus, my husband said “it looks good” and gave me a thumbs up. Which is a very high compliment coming from him. Lady in Red | Lady in Red | Now that we are getting close to Evie’s first birthday, I’m starting to feel like I want to be done with breastfeeding. I didn’t think I’d feel this way; Asa started to wean himself to a bottle at six months and I was devastated. But, he also slept through the night by 8 or 9 months, whereas she still wakes 2-5x a night (depending on what I eat.)

Having not slept through the night for a year really makes a girl miss sleep, you know? And I miss being able to wear certain items of clothing for more than 2 hours. A certain baby refuses bottles almost all of the time, which means I can’t go anywhere without her for more than two hours. I miss clothing freedom, you know? But we will see how it goes. Lady in Red | This summer has been the weirdest one we’ve had in a while. It doesn’t quite feel like summer yet, which could be another reason why I’m thrown off in my daily style and blogging; some days are really hot, other days I wake up to clouds. I don’t know what to do with myself. I could almost wear tights some days, and other days I don’t want to wear anything. Lady in Red | Thank goodness for comfortable dresses and amazing shoes, right?

What carries you through your least favorite season style wise? Lady in Red |

Dress, thrifted (similar for only $11!) | Lips, Rimmel Provocalips in Kiss Me You Fool | Shoes, thrifted | Earrings, old

I hope you’re all having a great start to your week!


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  • SaraLily

    Ugh well we are in my least favorite season. Don’t get me wrong, I do love dress weather when all I have to do is pick a dress, any dress, and out I go – but it’s so painful to get dressed when it’s SO STINKIN hot. I just get sweaty and frustrated and hot before the day has begun! That aside, I’m trying to appreciate it before I have to start putting more effort into my outfits – cardigans, tights, boots, layers, AHHH!

    This red dress is rocking! I don’t think it matters that it’s not a snug fit – the fabric and color are just working in your favor!!

  • Hannah Rupp

    You are such a knockout! The fit and flare of this dress is a perfect match for you and OF COURSE red is your color!

    My solution to a sucky weather/clothing situation is to just keep wearing my same favorite things over and over again. I wish there was a magic formula but that’s the best I can do! haha

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

  • Curls & Cakes

    You look AMAZING in red! Like absolutely drop dead gorgeous!
    Great find, that dress! Also I just realised that something about you reminds me of Kate Winslet in her younger years. Anyway, totally beautiful!
    I don’t really like to dress either when it gets very warm, but luckily where I live it’s only warm for a couple of weeks. And I usually just stay in “ugly” clothes then! haha
    Much love,