Mustard Tights and a Turtleneck

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Today, I’m channeling Audrey Hepburn

And also a librarian. Perhaps her character in Funny Face when she first works at a bookstore, and has not yet turned into a fabulous muse. This weekend I made myself look solely at tops that were solid and neutral as I thrifted, because I am prone to choosing all of the colors and patterns and then having nothing to mix and match.

Not that I can’t mix and match patterns (I do it a lot), but sometimes a garment has me stumped and I just need some neutral, solid, dependable garments to expand the mixability of my wardrobe. And no, that isn’t a word. I just made it up. So, on my thrifting trip to buy all of the “boring” garments, I grabbed this turtleneck on a whim and was surprised to find how quickly I fell in love!Channeling Audrey | Channeling Audrey | I have always said I really prefer open necklines — scoop, vee, wide neck, slightly off the shoulder — because I feel like I have a bit of a short neck, and any high neckline will emphasize that. But this turtleneck is perfect. The neck itself is slim and stretchy, with very little drape to it so that it doesn’t widen my neck and make it appear short. The ribbing is so flattering and fits super well. And the fabric! So soft. Thank  you, Goodwill, for a $4 magic sweater. Channeling Audrey |

As the weather aligns more and more with fall, I’m realizing I am missing quite a few seasonal staples.

Tall boots, sweaters, and hats are three things I desperately need in my closet! Although, hats may not be a real staple, I always see them and think how cool they look. So my hope this fall is to incorporate hats. Vintage, modern, who knows. Just more hats! I’ve relied too much on scarves to keep my hair in line and my oufit interesting. It’s time to introduce a new head accessory!

Channeling Audrey | eyreeffect.comChanneling Audrey |

I also want to find more little bows and hair flowers to go with vintage hairstyles. I love the way Miss Victory Violet looks in all of her glorious hair flowers, and several bloggers just look perfect with pretty bows in their hair. It’s time to change up what I do!

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Are you excited for tights-weather?

I am. I know. I keep going on and on about fall, but I can’t help it! It got too hot later in the day to keep these tights on, but for one glorious morning I was able to wear tights and a sweater and feel deliciously cozy as the air was crisp around me. I noticed the other day that I feel so much more myself wearing tights and layers.I look back at my archives of style on Pinterest and notice that I am so much more drawn to my outfits that feature tights and cardigans and scarves. Give me a cozy outfit, a good book, and a cup of coffee or tea, and I am set for the year. Just leave me in fall forever. Channeling Audrey | eyreeffect.comcollage I realized as I was putting this blog post together I forgot to take a close up with my glasses on. Today, since I was channeling Audrey Hepburn, I did my makeup to emulate this photo, and wanted to get a good shot of that. And then… well, no glasses shot! But you’ve all seen my glasses before, so there’s nothing new there.

I hope you have all had a good start to your week! I’m off to search for the perfect pair of knee-high boots as I build my fall staples. What are you doing in this glorious season? (Has it reached you yet?)

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  • JennyOH

    Put me down for excited-for-tights-weather, too! Where do you get yours? I’ve been uniimpressed by Target’s selection of colors the last few years but I don’t have a lot of physical-store options.

    I love everything about this look – especially the little bee pin.

  • SaraLily

    This outfit is amazing and so chic! THOSE TIGHTS AND BOOTIES! YES!!

    I am also trying to expand my wardrobe with accessories. I have collected a handful of hair flowers and have been trying to use them more – also bangles! It can be a dangerous thing to collect. I have to be careful I don’t go crazy buying new ones off Etsy or eBay!

  • Noelle

    My goal this fall is to refresh my tights and to find ALL THE VELVET. Particularly a black or green velvet dress, a yellow velvet skirt, and wine colored velvet hat and shoes. How many times can I say velvet. Never enough apparently. Velvet.

    I also want to add a dress with huge, dramatic bell sleeves to my collection!

    I always have a lot of plans for fall and I have to remind myself to reign it in, lol.

    You look amazing and pre-muse Funny Face Audrey is one of my favorite Audreys.

  • Jessica Cangiano

    This outfit is everything! Love, love and love some more. I’m a huge fan of both turtlenecks (especially classic black ones) and mustard yellow, well, anything really, so this chic nippy weather ensemble is beyond up my alley.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica