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Fairytale Collars

I have been an avid fan of Fairytale Collars on Instagram for quite some time, but mostly lurking in the background wishing I could be as creative as she is, and wishing I had the funds to purchase a beautiful accessory! Then out of the blue (to me) she sent me a message asking if she could make me a collar. Hello, dreams come true! We chatted back and forth about what I liked, and after sending her a few photos of the collars she had made that spoke to me, I told her to surprise me. The result could not have been more perfect!

Fairytale Collars | As soon as I received the collar, I did a flatlay for Instagram of an outfit I thought would be absolutely perfect with the collar. But then I put on the outfit, and the sweater was just… blah. It was a sweater I had purchased at a bag sale, didn’t try on, just liked the general shape and colors, and… well, it was donated for a reason.

This skirt jumped out at me next, though, and as soon as I had the skirt in mind the shirt was an immediate choice, and the outfit was complete!

Fairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars | The collar is very sturdy, for which I am thankful! It doesn’t feel like little fingers could rip the flowers off, which was my only concern when I first put it on; however she makes them, she makes them super durable! And, for having mailed it to me all the way from the UK, it came so fast! I’m impressed with the speed of its arrival.

I’m already planning to perhaps request another collar that I can purchase, because I need more of these in my life!Fairytale Collars |

Things like this inspire me to be more creative.

I already sew myself skirts (and a dress I have yet to debut. It has issues.) but I want to create more accessories. Hats, flower crowns, veils, brooches, shoe clips, sweater clips… the list could go on and on, really. I’m itching to exercise my creative side, which has long been dormant in the business of life. If I could get my outfits to be majorly thrifted and self-made, that would be fantastic! Although, I’m never against purchasing a good quality garment from the major repro sources.Fairytale Collars | I’ve also got an itch to make some decorations for my house, since, if you didn’t notice from my last few posts, fall has hit here in Washington and I need some fall decor! I’ve made one thing already, but you’d be surprised what you can do with some paint, some cardboard, and a lot of hot glue!

And, glitter. Always glitter. Fairytale Collars | eyreeffect.comFairytale Collars |

Do you make your own decorations? Tell me what you’ve made recently!

Happy Monday!

Collar: gift from Fairytale Collars | Skirt, gift from Hannah | shoes, Amazon | shirt and purse, thrifted Fairytale Collars |