Jane Eyre Pin, Neck Bows, and Plaid

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A Modern Jane Eyre

Every year, when the air is crisp and the leaves are golden, I pull out my favorite novel and read it through. As you know by the name of this blog, that book is Jane Eyre. It’s the perfect romance to curl up with by the fire, sipping hot coffee and letting my imagination wander back to a different time and place, putting myself in Jane’s shoes, as I always have, and letting the Gothic story inspire me again and again.

This year, I was reminded of my need to re-read my favorite novel when a friend sent me this absolutely perfect Jane Eyre pin.

A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre | My heart was aflutter upon seeing this lovely gift in my mail. I could not wait to wear it, and what more perfect time to pin it to my collar than when I am imagining what Jane Eyre might have worn, were she to live in our time (and have my wardrobe)?

I thrifted this top a few weeks ago at a bag sale. At the time, I grabbed it solely for the collar, never thinking I would really wear it with the bow attached. But when I put on the outfit without the bow, it seemed just a little bare so it went back on. A Modern Jane Eyre |

And if Jane Eyre lived now, maybe she would do without the bow.

Most likely, she would wear an entirely plain top. And certainly not heels! She was one for simple garb, with nothing fancy, nothing garish, everything sensible. Still, even in her simple tastes, she loved pretty things. Her practical nature might disapprove of these heels, which had my feet aching after an hour walking in them, but a good sturdy button up top and a skirt with pockets large enough for modern necessities would certainly be in her wardrobe!

A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre |

And how perfect is this pin for book lovers?

Now that I have the one, I’m probably going to fill my pin and brooch wardrobe with so many more of these pins!  Ideal Bookshelf has so many amazing book pins. I am dying to get my hands on Alice in Wonderland and Pride and Prejudice as well! I’m thinking I also need to get myself this mug, which has classic novels of the 1800’s printed on it. I am so in love!A Modern Jane Eyre | eyreeffect.comA Modern Jane Eyre |

And of course, since I am wearing an outfit fit for a modern Jane, I thought I should pull out all of my prettiest classic novels to act as props. I might just be doing outfits inspired by each of these books in October, for Halloween costume ideas!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Monday!

Everything thrifted except for the book pin, which is from Ideal Bookshelffinal-28 A Modern Jane Eyre |





  • Jessica Cangiano

    This outfit, all of it, equals complete and total fashion love in my books (and looks sooo great on you!). Plaid + bow necks + fall colours = everything for me when it comes to autumn time wardrobe choices.

    I hope that September has been a great month for you, stylish lady.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  • Helene

    I’m drooling over this outfit! You and Noelle are the queens of thrifting and have inspired me to go on an adventure of my own! I’ve actually never read Jane Eyre, but it sounds like it’s about time I did.