Vintage Adventures: A Trip To La Conner

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. It blows my mind that it’s been five years already (and we’re working on baby 3!). How did time pass so quickly?

To celebrate, we went to a small town called La Conner, which is best known for its tulip fields in the spring. While the fields were bare and the weather was chilly, we still enjoyed ourselves exploring antique and thrift stores, taking in the beauty of the harbor, and going to the peak of the nearby Mount Erie.

 La Conner is a really cute little town, definitely set up for tourists and visitors. Its main street is full of cute little shops, art galleries, and restaurants, and it’s hard to find a part of town that isn’t photogenic! We arrived around 3pm, and the receptionist at The Heron Inn where we stayed knew who we were immediately. The bonus of having booked on a weekend when only two other couples were staying there! After checking out our room, we went out to explore the vintage shops and antique stores, and then had an amazing dinner at a place called Seeds Bistro. Their salmon ravioli was amazing, but oh… the cream puff! It was almost as big as my face, and filled with cream and pudding, topped with chocolate, and utterly divine.

When we got back to the Inn, the owner was there and offered us an incredibly cheap room upgrade since, in his words, “those rooms are just begging to be used.” In our excitement we took the wrong room. We had been allowed to peek into both rooms upon arrival, and I had fallen completely in love with room 34, a beautiful long room with a window seat, a giant jacuzzi tub, a pretty vintage-looking bed, and a unique glass-encased fireplace wall. But, since I didn’t know the room numbers, I mistakenly asked if room 31 was the room with the fireplace (in my head, the glass enclosed one!) and the owner said yes, it was.

But as you can see in the above video, we still had a beautiful room with a true fireplace, a giant King sized bed, and a big jacuzzi tub. Which, bonus,  had a TV that could be watched while in the tub. Since we were only staying one night, I couldn’t really complain! We’d been upgraded from a lovely little room (which was also darling) to a bigger one with a giant tub. My favorite part, I have to say, was that all of the rooms had heated tile floors in the bathroom. No waking up at night and having a cold floor greet you in the bathroom!

The next day, we had a delicious breakfast complimentary of the Inn, and then decided to go to the top of Mount Erie. We could drive (hallelujah!), and as you can see the view was amazing. Just a small little trek through some rocks and woods, and you were transported to the top of the world! As we wandered, I broke off my boot heel for the second time, much to my despair. I love these Breckelles boots, but the heel broke both times under very little stress (on a flat floor the first time!) I’ve  been refunded in full, thanks to great customer service by Amazon and the company that fulfilled the order, and now I have to decide whether I want to buy the same pair of boots and hope the heel doesn’t give out again, try to repair this heel and make them work, or buy a different pair of boots that don’t have this type of block heel.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, and I wish I had taken more photos! Especially of us together, as we don’t often get to go anywhere without kids! Especially not overnight. And soon, we will have even less time to adventure on our own.

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