Vintage faux fur, black lipstick, and New Years goals

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It’s the last post of the year! A bad case of the flu (not stomach, thankfully!) has had me bound to the couch since Monday, but I’m finally starting to feel a bit better and I had to try my hardest to get one last post up before 2017 hits us.

I actually shot these photos in the beginning of December right before it snowed. I was originally going to put together something simple and easy with just the turtleneck and orange skirt, but then got inspired by the black lipstick to create a more vixen-inspired vibe. While it may look like overkill to have a faux fur collar AND a faux fur coat on, let me tell you: I was so cold by the time I was done with these. My toes were numb for about five minutes once I got back inside!

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New Years Goals

This year I don’t have too many resolutions/goals. But the ones I do have are both big and, I think, attainable. I have made goals that all have mini-goals and milestones to reach, which is an important thing when you’re making a list of resolutions. Being able to break down everything I want to do into smaller, more manageable portions helps keep me focused and on track.

I was talking to my mom, and she mentioned that she prefers to set goals rather than make resolutions. And I thought this was smart. When I think of resolutions, they seem like changes that have to happen RIGHT AWAY. Things that, if you get sidetracked, you just give up on. You resolve to change, but you mess up, so you haven’t changed and you feel like you’ve failed. But if you set goals, you know you won’t immediately get there and it’s okay if your progress is not a straight line. So I’ve adapted this for myself, and I have definitely seen a change in the little things I put myself towards achieving. Mod(ern) Vintage | Mod(ern) Vintage |

Goal One: Continue to Improve The Blog

I’ve been feeling extremely positive about my blogging ever since rebranding from Eccentric Owl to The Eyre Effect. I feel as though it refreshed everything. I put more effort into my posts, I’m happier with what I post, I’ve found myself style-wise, and I love everything about blogging again. I had gone through a phase where I just wasn’t happy with anything. The name was off, the outfits were so-so, my voice was wavering, and I just didn’t know what to do. I actually had tentative thoughts of either taking a long blogging break, or quitting altogether. But I just couldn’t give up, because I love blogging.

So now that I’ve found my groove again, I want to do even more to make this as fantastic as it can be. The biggest of my goals to improve is having more photoshoots outside of my own yard, and doing more adventure-type posts. I want to travel around Washington more next year, and showcase some of the amazing little towns that are still quaint and old-fashioned.

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Goal Two: Lose 50lbs of Baby Weight

Weight loss can be a kind of tender subject these days, especially with the body acceptance and self love movement going around (which is a wonderful movement!) But, I don’t think that weight loss and self love are mutually exclusive. I like who I am right now. I think my belly roll is kinda cute. I have always had a butt and thighs to spare, so there’s not much different there. However, I also want to be healthy, and I want all my amazing vintage clothes to continue fitting me.

I think one of the biggest forms of caring for yourself is caring for your health, and I’m not very healthy. Aside from that, though, aesthetically yes I would like to be a few pounds lighter. For the sake of vintage dresses, for the sake of photos, all of that fun stuff. I’m not on the verge of any eating disorders, body dysmorphia, nor self-hate. Since I don’t suffer any of those things, it’s perfectly okay to have weight loss goals. I feel as though I have to defend this decision a bit but I won’t go any further than to say: my body, my goals. 😉 I do love all of you who constantly encourage me through all of the sizes that I have been, though! Y’all are awesome.

And, if you want to follow along on my fitness journey, I have an instagram account just for that: @kristinasuko. Of course, 50 pounds is a lot, and I may not reach this goal entirely. But hey, dream big!Mod(ern) Vintage | Mod(ern) Vintage | eyreeffect.comMod(ern) Vintage |

Goal Three: Read 24 Books

This year I had a goal of 52 books. I think I read… maybe 20. A book a week doesn’t sound too daunting until you add in blogging, photography, motherhood, housewife-ing, and all of the other things that take up a lot of time in the day. So now my goal is 2 books a month, and I think I can do it! Especially since one of those books will always be a BBRBF book club book, which makes choosing very easy!

And speaking of the book club, if you want to join us in January we’re reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman! You don’t have to blog to join, just read along and then tell us what you thought!Mod(ern) Vintage | Mod(ern) Vintage |

Goal Five: Get My YouTube Channel Running

I’ve been posting outfit videos sporadically, and a few hair tutorials have popped up. But I need to get things more predictable with my YouTube channel. I need to make a plan, set up a schedule, and figure out where I am going with the channel. I get a lot of requests for makeup or hair tutorials, but since I wear pretty much the same thing daily, I don’t know that I could do that long-term. So, right now my plans are: thrift hauls, outfits, and perhaps “how to style” videos. And then, of course, the random adventures we might go on here and there.

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Goal Six: Be A Better Housewife

This one is probably less exciting, but seriously. I have been working on keeping my home clean on a daily basis lately; before I had Evie, I had a good routine going and my house was clean all the time. And then Postpartum Depression hit, and I haven’t had a predictably clean house for 15 months. Thankfully, PPD has lifted and I’m feeling more energized and able to take care of things! Of course, then I got sick and my house is a disaster again, but… little things. I really want to put together a personalized cleaning schedule for myself, because I know if I have a list, I’ll do it! Mod(ern) Vintage | eyreeffect.comMod(ern) Vintage |

And those are my goals! Have you made goals for the New Year? If so, what are they? I’d love to know!

Happy almost 2017!

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  • Modern Vintage

    I am not sure I could ever make black lipstick work, but you really rock it and it is great with the collar – the head and shoulders shots, in particular, show it off so well. I have really enjoyed your blog since the makeover. Thanks for so many great posts, and happy new year! K

  • Hannah Rupp

    First of all, this outfit is divine. I don’t even mind the fur on fur!

    Second, I really appreciate that you mentioned having goals but then breaking them into smaller ones. Only in the last few years did I figure out that makes everything *so* much easier! But I actually didn’t set goals/resolutions this year and things turned out pretty good. When you have zero expectations, everything seems awesome! So I’ll probably stick with that theory for 2017. Wish me luck! lol

    Hannah | The Outfit Repeater

    • The Eyre Effect

      Thanks Hannah! I kind of like the effect actually!

      Breaking them into small goals is SO IMPORTANT! Haha, and that’s true, having zero expectations means everything is awesome! 😀

  • Grace

    My goal is 60lbs. I’ve had it hanging on for 4 years now and I’m sick of it! So yes dream big! What have we got to loose (pun intended) 😉

    Happy new year!!


  • mee

    you’re so self absorbed. you can’t buy your husband a christmas gift while he works so hard while you stay home and take selfies all day. I feel sorry for him.

    • SaraLily

      Come on, how are your multiple rude comments fair? Your judgments are not needed here – just stop reading her blog if you don’t agree with how she takes care of her family. Be kinder in 2017, yeah? =)

      • SaraLily

        Woah, woah! What is with the MULTIPLE comments of bitterness and hate? Kristina doesn’t spend much money on herself AT ALL – if you read her posts you’d know she thrifts most of her clothes and these furs you scoff at were all either under $5 from said thrift shops or given as vintage gifts from family. You are both being unfair in your judgments and need to just stop reading her blog if you don’t agree with how she takes care of her family. Be kinder in 2017, yeah? =)

      • The Eyre Effect

        Hey Peyton, this person is very much spouting lies based on a few snippets of moments I’ve shared online. I hope you won’t believe the harassment and know that I definitely care for my family before anything else, even this blog. <3

    • The Eyre Effect

      Seriously, “mee”? Do you really think I don’t know who you are? Not that it’s really any of your business but I did buy my husband multiple gifts AND I worked for two days straight to make him a gift that was unfortunately patterned the wrong way.

      If you continue to harass me, I will pursue legal action against you. I am not sure why you’re so obsessed with me. We’ve never met in real life. You know absolutely nothing of who I am or what I ALSO do to bring in money (oh yeah, I do bring in money that goes straight to our bank account) and any clothing I purchase is purchased with my own money.

      I tried to be honest but tactful when I removed you from Facebook. I can see if really bothered you, and I am sorry for that, but I have to protect my family and myself first.

  • Peyton

    For the love of god please feed your kids real food! There is so much salt in ramen :'(
    I had no idea that’s the type of person I’ve been following! And, an upside down shirt?! While you wear furs?! Please think of your family, Kristina! It isn’t fair!

    • The Eyre Effect

      Hi Peyton,
      I don’t know if you know “mee” below, but she does not know me in person. I unfriended her on Facebook a few days ago and she has since taken to harassing me on multiple platforms about things she doesn’t even know about. We’ve never met, nor did we interact much online, and she doesn’t know any of my family nor is she privy to my personal life. I don’t feed my kids ramen often; if I do, it’s a treat. The “upside down” shirt was a funny accident and in fact I purchased my husband several gifts aside from that first attempt at making him a shirt (and the fabric was upside down, and I didn’t have the time to get more.)

      If you’re so easily misled by a spammer, I’m sad! I hope you’ll believe the truth and not someone who has a vendetta against me for who knows why.