2016 Outfit Recap

Happy New Year’s Eve!

I hope you are all celebrating safely! While I’m sick at home, I thought I’d do a last-minute recap of my favorite outfits of 2016. My style evolved a LOT this year, going from retro-cute to vintage vixen, and I’m so so happy with how it’s settling! So let’s just get right into it!

The Frivolity of Being || Cherry Cherry

BBRBF’s Forever

In January, I was only just coming to terms with the fact that I had Postpartum Depression. I still didn’t quite understand everything that it affected, and you can definitely read it in some of my posts and my demeanor then if you know me well. But the highlight of January was that I met Sara and we bonded and became Best Book Reading Blog Friends Forever! And thus started the BBRBF Book Club.

The Difficulties of a Postpartum Body

At the end of February, I dyed my hair fuchsia and it was one of the most fun things I’ve ever done with my hair! It invigorated me to start trying new styles, which led me to learning how to properly set my locks for vintage curls. Throughout March and April, I continued to play with more vintage styles, though I never really made the commitment to a true vintage look until later in the year.

Dreamgirl | All Dress April

The Royal We

In March, our first BBRBF Book Club post happened! We read The Royal We, which was kind of hit-or-miss around our little group. I decided to go all out I Love Lucy with my first ever poodle hair and a slightly clashing outfit. Who says you can’t wear red and pink together?

Whovian | By The Sea

Stranger Bird Vintage

In April, I turned 28 and had one of my favorite collaborations to date with the fantastic vintage shop Stranger Bird Vintage. I made myself a Doctor Who skirt, and wore a lot of self-made creations! Figuring out those first few circle skirts has seriously changed how I look at sewing, and there will be a LOT of me-made creations coming in the new year!

Retro On a Budget

Pastel Bettie Page

Somewhere between May and June, I dyed my hair back to its natural dark brown and wrote about dressing retro on a budget. I’m all about budget vintage! I bought my first few LindyBop dresses (which I LOVE), and then styled my first Bettie Bangs and wore a gorgeous lavender dress that Hannah sent to me!

Welcome To The Eyre Effect

And then, big drumroll, in August I rebranded! My blog was Eccentric Owl no more, and I felt all of the cogs click into place as The Eyre Effect took shape. I committed to using a better lens for my photos, and you can immediately see the difference in the look of my photography. It is hands-down the best decision I’ve ever made for blogging, and I don’t regret the change for a day!

Fangirl | 1960’s Fall

Evie’s First Birthday

September rolled around and I found the perfect dress for a mother-daughter photoshoot with Evie, who turned one! Looking back at her, I feel like she’s already changed SO much, even though this was only four months ago (almost.)

Berry Sweet

Channeling Audrey | Frankenstein

Towards the end of September, I channelled my childhood memories with the sweetest skirt I own, and then through October decided to channel two famous icons: Audrey Hepburn, and Frankenstein’s Monster. I really love a good story through photos and clothing, and all of these posts were so fun to share as I could tell the story behind them!

Romantic | The Perfect Cardigan

Vendula London

October also saw in two of the most amazing pieces of vintage outerwear: the glorious heart-print cape that Emily scouted for me at an estate sale near her, and the amazing floral cardigan I swapped with Penny and Lilly on Etsy! And then in the beginning of November, I had one of the most amazing collaborations to date with Vendula London and decided to really commit to a vintage look.

Corn Maze | Cars

The Dress of Dreams

In November, I found the dress that is literally made of my dreams with its headscarf-esque pattern, bright colors, and floral print. It began a nice little surge of vintage-buying after I cleared out my closet in a BST group and garnered funds for a new wardrobe. November completely transformed how I felt about my ability to dress true vintage, and I cannot WAIT to photograph all of the goodies I added to my closet!

A Colorful Past

My Grandmother’s Pie | Thoughts on Standing Out

I also wore the most perfect vintage dress that has ever come into my closet, and shared my thoughts on standing out. It used to be such a scary thing for me to be different. I was so afraid of being seen as a fake, or as someone who thought she was better than others, or just plain stupid that I let insecurities hold me back from wearing what I really wanted to wear. And letting all that go has been so freeing!

Red is a Happy Color


And now we’re up to December, where some of the most fun and beautiful posts have happened! I shared my progress on pulling out of Postpartum Depression, which I believe is very important to talk about. Then, it snowed! If that outfit is not Christmas as heck, I don’t know what is!

Swamplandia! | Mod(ern) Vintage

And that brings us up to the last post of this year which was one of the first outfits I shot in December! Thank you for coming with me on this retrospective of my outfits and my year. And more importantly, thank you for supporting my blog, my dreams; for commenting, for befriending me, for being some of the best people I know! I’m constantly grateful for the friendships that have come from blogging and the opportunities that arise because of it. I cannot wait to see what next year holds!


  • SaraLily

    It’s so CLEAR to me when you evolved – the Retro on a Budget post is wear your transformation totally started and from there it kept evolving. I love that! It was like, yeah the pink hair ROCKED so badass but i think it also helped you find your true self and when you went back to being dark, it let the pinup vixen mama come out! I so want to see you rock the pink again but i can totally see the difference in the posts before the budget post and after. <3

    Also, YAY!! I am a highlight!! 😉

    • The Eyre Effect

      I really want to do colorful hair again this year. Although I might be doing something other than pink, we’ll see! Pink hair was really a little spark into a bigger transformation I think!

      And you were like one of the biggest highlights of the YEAR.

  • Ashley Dowdy

    Pastel Betty Page. Omg. So gorgeous. Actually, that post was the first thing I ever saw from you and I thought you were some super famous fashion icon ( I mean you pretty much are though) and had no clue I could actually interact with you :-p Thanks for inspiring us !