eShakti Deer Dress, a plaid shawl, and adventures in the forest

eShakti was kind enough to send me this dress for review, but all opinions expressed herein are my honest thoughts about the dress and brand.A Walk In the Park | eyreeffect.comA Walk In the Park |

A Walk in the Park

Happy Monday! Today I am excited to share a dress sent to me by eShakti! Now, I have shared quite a few eShakti dresses here on the blog; some of them thrifted — like this Paris dress and this plaid beauty, — some of them gifted to me for review such as this glorious red dress, and some purchased on my own like this bohemian maxi dress. While I haven’t kept every single one as my style morphed into what it is now (I have some serious regrets about pawning off that plaid one though), I’m always 100% pleased with the quality and fit of eShakti and this deer dress is no different! A Walk In the Park | eyreeffect.comA Walk In the Park |

The feature of this dress is, of course, the stunning neckline and the beautiful embroidery. I love that the snowflakes go all the way around the skirt; so many designs tend to only be on the front, but eShakti’s dresses usually carry their designs around for a beautiful effect. I thought that this vintage needlepoint purse, with its whimsical fairytale-esque embroidery, would be a perfect match for the equally fairytale-esque deer on the skirt of this dress.

The fit of eShakti’s dresses, if you opt for their custom fit, is always spot-on. Generally, A-line skirts like this are not my favorite. Since having kids and gaining weight, A-lines tend to emphasize my stomach and hip area, which I’m not keen on. However, with eShakti’s custom garment measurements, I was able to put in exactly how I wanted it to fit my body, and avoid any weird lumps or bumps showing! My one complaint, which can be avoided by adding an inch or two, is that the dress is a bit tight across my shoulders and upper arms if I try to reach forward. A Walk In the Park |

This is the case with many modern dresses, and I’ve realized that with eShakti you CAN size your dress to avoid this issue: add an inch for your arm measurement, and perhaps an inch for your shoulders as well. I’m willing to bet that adding some ease through this area would solve the mobility issue! And this is what I love about eShakti: you don’t just have to choose your measurements! If you want the hips to be wider than your own, you can do that. If you want the dress to be longer than shown, that’s an option! If you want shorter sleeves, go for it! eShakti’s custom styling option is 100% worth using and paying for.

I also love that eShakti’s dresses always have pockets, and bra-strap snaps. When those necklines are a little bit off the shoulder, or you just need to keep your straps secure, you can easily keep your bra straps from moving in any of their dresses!

A Walk In the Park | eyreeffect.comA Walk In the Park | eyreeffect.comA Walk In the Park |

I am excited to share more eShakti goodness with you in the next few weeks! At the end of showing off their gorgeous dresses I hope to put together a fun little lookbook featuring the four that I own! It should be a lot of fun!

I hope you are all having a lovely start to your New Year.

Dress, c/o eShakti (available in limited stock here) | shawl, old (similar here) | brooch, old (same here) | belt, thrifted | purse, vintage (similar here and here and here) | boots, Amazon (here) | earrings, vintage/grandma’s (similar here)

A Walk In the Park |

Photos by Suko Photography




  • Helene

    You look amazing in that dress and your hair is spectacular! I keep going back and forth on whether or not I want to cut my hair shorter for easier and more authentic vintage hairstyles and yours is the perfect length.

    I’ve been wanting to give eShakti a try for a while now. I remember being enticed by the fact that you can completely customize a dress to your specifications. I’m glad I read this before I ordered something that would probably be too tight on my shoulders (I have wide shoulders).

    • The Eyre Effect

      Thank you Helene! I LOVE your hair length and I bet there are ways you can style it long! But it’s definitely easier to get a more authentic looking vintage style when it’s shorter. I’m caught between missing my long hair and wanting short hair for the style. Gah!

      Yes, I do as well! I never thought about adding an inch or so until I got this dress though! It was sort of an “aha!” moment when I thought of adding to the shoulders so that they weren’t so tight!

  • Elizabeth

    I love the embroidery on that dress! I haven’t bought anything from eshakti yet, but I know that I want to, especially with all of the customization options! I know that they’re a really quality brand and hope to give them a try some day!

    • The Eyre Effect

      I really love them! It’s definitely worth it to save up and buy one with the custom styling options; I did it with the maxi dress and was so glad! I was pregnant at the time, and being able to add in extra room for my belly as GREAT!

  • Modern Vintage

    Such a pretty and striking dress – perfect for winter and a great look on you! It really works with the boots too. And I love your hair in these photos. Kx