Cottagecore Belle

Cottagecore Beauty and the Beast Lately I have been really into Cottagecore.

Some people love it, some people hate it, some people don’t really even know what it is. And to be honest, I ride around the edges of cottagecore; I’m not 100% into the super girly side, nor the almost-grandma side. I’m somewhere between cottagecore and vintage garden girl, which is an aesthetic that makes me supremely happy.

I found this dress on Amazon, and immediately knew I had to do a Cottagecore Belle look. After my Beauty and the Beast maternity shoot last year, I’ve been wanting to do a pared-down take on the princesses. Someone suggested I should do a
“happily ever after” shoot in this dress, with my husband and the kids as Beast, Belle, and their happy life… and honestly I’m here for it. It’ll happen hopefully in the summer!

Cottagecore Beauty and the BeastCottagecore Beauty and the BeastCottagecore Beauty and the Beast I have plans to buy this dress in basically every color they sell; it’s so comfortable and I think it’ll become a summer staple!

This shoot is actually part of a video I’m in the process of very, very slowly putting together of cottagecore outfit ideas. I have been taking a break from YouTube, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still creating! Honestly, taking away the pressure to post weekly has been such a revival of my creative juices. I don’t think I work well with deadlines. Not with four kids and a house to keep up; adding another almost full-time job was just too much. At this point I’m thinking I’ll likely be posting just whenever, like I used to. No deadline demands, just post what I like, when I like.

Cottagecore Beauty and the Beastdetails Cottagecore Beauty and the Beast This little self-imposed social media break has extended to content for this blog and for Instagram.

Remember when I said I was trying to take daily photos and had so much to post? Yeah, I still have 10+ outfits to share, but no words to go with them. So if you suddenly see a post of just photos and absolutely zero words, it’s because I wanted to share an outfit but I’m just too tired to type out a post. 😉 Thank you for understanding.

Cottagecore Beauty and the Beast

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