eShakti Swallow dress, 1940’s hair, and a transformation

eShakti sent me this dress for review. All opinions are my own!

Fly Away

Well, that was an unexpected week off! The 1950’s Housewife Project wore me out so much that I didn’t have any energy left to blog, and while all of the Housewife videos are up on YouTube, I still have two outfits from the week to share! But, I couldn’t wait another day to share this gorgeous yellow swallow print dress from eShakti. They contacted me again for a collaboration, and of course I said yes! eShakti is by far my favorite modern dress company, for the ability to tailor dresses exactly to my measurements, add sleeves, change necklines, lengthen or shorten hemlines, and the automatic appearance of pockets in everything they sell.

This gorgeous swallow dress is no exception. The fabric is so soft and pretty, it fits perfectly, it’s yellow (!!!), and it has pockets. I love how this dress mimics 1940’s styles so well, and I opted to lengthen the sleeves so that they were wrist length instead of elbow length. While it is a pretty bold color and print to carry off, I think it works well.   

On this day, I decided to film a transformation video of sorts, and attempt this 1940’s hairstyle, which I have never done before. It was decidedly easier than I had expected, thanks to very dirty hair and lots of hairspray, teasing, and dry shampoo. Now I know when my hair will work the best with vintage styles: five days of not washing.

And yes, I know, that sounds gross. But I have very dry skin and a dry scalp, so it’s only just on day five that it starts to get greasy and weird (and that’s usually when I wash it!). Works well for me, since I really don’t like being wet anyway.

I was so excited when this hairstyle turned out; at the beginning I didn’t expect it to come easily. But the dirtier the hair, the easier it is to style, I guess! I may start to make more of these videos, because the chatty, informal ones are my favorite!

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Happy Tuesday!

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