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Wednesday on a Wednesday

All Dress August

This month I am doing a fun All Dress August challenge with some internet friends of a BST group on Facebook, and I decided to also throw in a color challenge. Since I just organized all of my dresses by color, I thought it would be fun to do the ABC’s of color again, like I did YEARS ago. Yesterday, of course, was the first day, and I wore almond (a dress that needs to be altered, so I didn’t take photos.) Today, obviously, is black. But also, it’s Wednesday Addams-inspired on a Wednesday, which is a pun I didn’t even realize I made until I sat down to write this post.

I am going to try hard to blog every day this month, so some days may just be one quick photo, and some posts will probably be longer.

Being me, I just try to pile on all the challenges at once, so I might try to make each color inspired by a book or movie character. I was inspired by Anastasia yesterday, but it wasn’t enough that you could tell. It should be fun to challenge myself to pull little character-inspired outfits as I go through the colors and try to wear a dress or skirt every day!  

This is a good way to get me out of my yoga-pants-mom rut.

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