Snow White or The Wicked Witch

Last week, one of my friends tagged me in Vintage Life Magazine’s contest to be the October Cover Girl. I didn’t originally think I would do it, but the more I looked at the images the more I thought… maybe I can. Maybe I should. And it put a bug in my head to try. I’ve never modeled or shot for any sort of contest before, so it was entirely new and nerve-wracking, but when I came up with this outfit (with the help of some friends!) I started to get really excited.

I really wanted to capture the essence of Halloween and October without going too overboard or too hard in the direction of the stereotypical pinup/witch/kitschy look. And, I was glad to see that there were no other really fairytale-esque photos, so mine was the first one to really be vintage fairytale. I decided on this gorgeous Hearts and Roses dress and jacket combo because it looks very evil queen to me, and I used the styling to get a little bit of softness from the look.

I think it turned out very Snow White IS the Evil Queen, and I am really, really happy with the photos. Regardless of whether or not I win (and I don’t think I will, not witha ll of the other amazing photos in the contest!) I’m super happy that my friend tagged me and I decided to try. Over the course of hte weekend, somehow my photo has gotten up into 4th place for likes and it blows my mind that it has over 1k likes in less than a week.

I’ve just been staring at the likes and wondering if this is real, if that’s really me, if this is really happening.

I cried just seeing my photo added to the album for votes. I am currently at my heaviest weight, coming out of postpartum depression, and a stay-at-home mom who is, most days, wearing yoga pants covered in sticky little handprints. I have always, always wanted to be able to encourage and empower anyone in any stage of life, at any weight, with any lifestyle, to take the time to care for themselves and just WEAR their dream outfits even though they don’t think they can. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told someone wishes they could wear what I wear, and I just want to say (and often do) “YOU CAN WEAR THIS TOO JUST DO IT.”

Clothing is such a small thing, but it packs a big bang. I don’t expect to win this competition, but if I can at least be in the top five for running, I will be happy. Because then I will feel like I can truly say… if I can get that far, YOU CAN WEAR THE THING. If I, a stay at home mom still struggling with body image and postpartum depression and still fighting to find ways to get dressed every day… if I can do this, you can literally do ANYTHING.

Because you are amazing. You are wonderful. You are strong. You are SO smart. And you are beautiful.

Go get that dream.

Below is the final image I submitted. If you want to vote for me, please do! You can click here and like the photo. Or, vote for any of the other amazing women who have submitted their photos to the contest! Help a deserving retro girl reach her dreams. <3



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  • Noname

    Hey, I’m Reading your blog since few months now but never left a comment. I really enjoy your outfits and your stories but I find that you’re struggling and also more and more complaining about your weight but seems you’re not doing much to solve a problem. D├ępression is nasty thing, I’ve been there too but for other reasons. I’m working mother of one, few years older than you. You ‘re gaining weight? IT makes you unhappy? Than just start doing something and stop hiding behind the depression. Nobody forces you to be full time home stayed mum, if you’re depressed than I dont even think you should spend whole your time with kids as you’ve said you spend some days crying while they’re watching tv. Is IT good for them to see their mother like this? You’re putting on weight? Start eating less and healthy, just make first step instead of balancing from I have no shame of my great body and I cried because I put on weight. I know it’s so difficult, it took me few months tout finally win with my fears and depression but once I’ve recognized my real situation I implemented a plan and just sticked to it. so recognize weight problem,recognize your “eating sins”, eliminate them, fight and win.