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I have seen the brand Emily and Fin for years now, but for some reason I have never added any of their items to my personal closet. Either the money is never right, or the things they have available aren’t right for me. Whatever the case, I’ve drooled over my friends’ E&F purchases, but never made the leap to acquire my own. Until this skirt.

Emily and Fin | eyreeffect.comEmily and Fin | Emily and Fin |

This skirt actually belonged to one of my lovely friends, who made the brooch in my last post. She was cleaning out her closet, and we worked out a swap. I didn’t realize this was an Emily and Fin skirt when I told her I needed it; I was just smitten by the print and the vibrant color and, of course, the fullness of it! And now that I have this, I find myself hoping I can find more Emily and Fin items to add to my wardrobe, because it is the prettiest, twirliest, skirt and I want to wear it everywhere.¬†Emily and Fin | Emily and Fin | eyreeffect.comEmily and Fin |

Styling it with this gorgeous cardigan was not an instant idea. I started with the vague thought in my head that I wanted to look somewhat witchy. With that in mind I tested a few outfits using a plain black dress and a vintage blazer, then this cardigan over the dress, then a few other combinations. I was about to give up when the skirt caught my eye, and this outfit was born! The only consistent thing through all of those changes was the flats; these are my go-to flats for almost any style. They’re comfortable and cute and I’ve already worn out one pair I wear them so much!Emily and Fin | eyreeffect.comEmily and Fin | eyreeffect.comEmily and Fin |

Adding the black lipstick kept it from being¬†too classic; in the fall I find myself drifting away from the 1950’s housewife vibe and more towards retro/pinup/romantic-Gothic vibes. The darker season calls for all of my oranges and blacks and reds, all of my edgy lipsticks and heeled boots, and I trade in my beloved clip-on earrings for brooches instead.

It fascinates me to see this change in myself as the season blooms, and I’d love to know: does your aesthetic change with the seasons, or do you stick solidly to one vibe year-round?Emily and Fin |

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