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One of my biggest goals in the fall is to dress a little bit like a vintage librarian, or lady naturalist. There’s something about dressing in a perfectly 1950’s style but adding a slightly nerdy twist that really appeals to me. Perhaps it’s the fact that I am, by nature, a very feminine and yet also very nerdy person. I love full skirts and florals, lipstick and lace, and all things uber girly. And yet, I also love history and Doctor Who, and have an entire bookshelf overflowing with my collection of Lord of the Rings editions that all have different covers. I have an affinity for reading dictionaries and discovering new and interesting words, and am equally invested in putting together an outfit that is perfectly coordinated.

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I have had this gorgeous 1950’s plaid dress for a while now; I saw it in the summer, and immediately bought it despite its seller informing me that the waist was 29″, a full 2″ smaller than what I measure on a good day. I can often squeeze my waist into things that are quite a bit smaller than myself, but 29″ is a stretch, even for me. To my surprise, the dress actually has a snap button at the waist that can move an inch or two. The dress is still a bit snug, but wearable enough to fulfill my dreams of pretending to be  a Lady Botanist for a few hours!The Botanist | eyreeffect.comThe Botanist | eyreeffect.comThe Botanist |

After this photoshoot, I finally took the plunge to buy myself a remote shutter release for my camera. I don’t know why I’ve never bought one before; I’ve been taking portraits and outfit photos of myself for at least ten years, and yet it’s taken me until this year to really think about getting one. They aren’t expensive, and it would make photoshoots so much simpler since I do most of them on my own. And then, getting shots sitting on a log on soggy ground in heels would be a little bit less of a “might break an ankle doing this” situation.

The Botanist | eyreeffect.comThe Botanist |

 It will  be interesting to see if my blog photos change with the new freedom having a remote affords me! For one thing, my photoshoots may not take up an entire two hours. For another, focus will be SO much easier. And, I will be able to get the framing I usually just have to guess at! 

Do you have a remote, or do you use a self-timer like I’ve been doing for years? If you’re curious, the remote I ordered is this one. I’ll be sure to update with how well it works when it comes!The Botanist |

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