1950s Housewife Daily Routine – with Kids

For the last four years I have been searching and working to create a realistic 1950s Housewife Routine. Most of the videos and blog posts I see come from women who have no kids, and as y’all know I have four, so I often wondered what it would be like to run through a routine WITH kids. I also noticed a lot of people who do these routines tend to focus on being super glamorous and doing all the beauty things. What, then, would a real 1950s Housewife Routine be like?

Would the 1950s woman really spend an hour on her hair and wear a full face of makeup? Would she truly wear the fanciest dress she owned to clean? Did she really have an intense daily beauty routine? Or was it a bit simpler than that?

I based this routine on three books: America’s Housekeeping Book, The Bride’s Reference Book, and Better Homes and Gardens’ Baby Book. These three all have routines, cleaning tips, and child-care in them and I found that while the cleaning routine LOOKS complicated, it can absolutely be adjusted to fit your needs

And, when established daily, it’s a quick routine to move through and you’re not goign to spend hours cleaning. On a regular day, I spend about an hour cleaning, maybe two if we’ve had a particularly disastrous day. And to be honest that seems fairly quick to me!

America’s Housekeeping Book is available in PDF online, so don’t despair at that hefty price tag, you can read it for free here:

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