Fall Florals with Karina Dresses

Karina Dresses sent me a dress for review. All opinions are my own. 

The Ruby Wine Bouquet | The Ruby Wine Bouquet |

I have heard many praises sung about Karina Dresses for what seems like years. I’ve heard they are incredibly comfortable, flattering, easy to wear, pretty, the list goes on! They’re American made, which is always fantastic. Plus, they’re machine washable and wrinkle free; when you’re a mom, especially, what more could you ask of a dress? So when I finally decided to reach out for a collaboration I wanted to put Karina Dresses to the test. Could they tick off my current list of what makes a go-to dress?

Well, let me tell you, they  more than exceeded my expectations!

The Ruby Wine Bouquet | The Ruby Wine Bouquet |

The Ruby dress is a gorgeous mock-wrap style that comes in several different colors and prints. Made with a microfiber stretch fabric, it is breathable, durable, and so insanely comfortable that I have literally been wearing it every day since it arrived. I am not kidding you when I say, this dress immediately became my go-to dress. The mock wrap style makes it super flattering for any shape, and eliminates the fuss of a true wrap with the attached sash at the waist which can be tied in several ways.

I am also delighted to find that the top will be perfect for breastfeeding; its beautifully gathered fabric keeps the vee from gaping or revealing too much, and yet the fabric easily stretches without losing its shape.

The Ruby Wine Bouquet |

Now, I usually choose dresses that have a thicker fabric, as fabrics can, for me, make or break how flattering a dress is. Thicker fabrics tend to be better at disguising things I want to hide, and emphasizing the things I love. The Ruby is made with a microfiber that feels similar to a jersey knit, and I will admit some skepticism that a thinner knit like this would be flattering on me. But as soon as I put it on, I was thoroughly surprised and converted. The beauty of this cut is that it flows beautifully over the body, and does not cling to awkward areas. I cannot sing its praises enough! The Ruby Wine Bouquet | eyreeffect.comThe Ruby Wine Bouquet | eyreeffect.comThe Ruby Wine Bouquet |

And, after having worn it for approximately a week non-stop (except to wash it, because of course my kids spilled on it immediately), I have seen no signs of the fabric becoming misshapen, no pilling, no snags, and it came out of the wash just like new!

As a mother of toddlers, this is nothing short of a miracle.

Karina Dresses all retail for $108, and I believe they are worth the investment. As a budgeting mom I’ll be extremely honest: I don’t normally promote buying dresses that are on the more spendy side because I am HIGHLY aware of budget. I couldn’t afford this dress unless I saved for a few months to buy it, or sold off a few other things first.

But if you’re looking to invest in something that is comfortable, pretty, feels like pajamas, is flattering, and resists toddler attacks… this is it. I literally wore it for a week straight with no signs of wear. Except the milk from my kid, that is. A dress I can wear daily that functions as a materinty dress, a toddler-resistant dress, and a breastfeeding-friendly dress while still being gorgeous and so comfortable I actually forgot to change into pajamas once because I was wearing it? Definitely worth the dollars spent!

The Ruby Wine Bouquet |

I am thoroughly a Karina Dresses convert, and if you need me I’ll most likely be wearing this dress through the rest of my pregnancy and breastfeeding. It truly is the easiest dress to wear! I have my eye on the Ruby Cosmo (wouldn’t it be a fantastic party dress?) and the Margaret Lovely Days dress (they kill it with their florals!) for warmer days.

And if you aren’t quite convinced yet, there’s always the sale section to get you started! But believe me, once you get started you may never stop.

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