If you follow me on any forms of social media, you will have seen the announcement by now. But since I didn’t have a Halloween outfit to share today (thanks to pregnancy and also a child with the stomach flu), it turned out to be the perfect timing to finally share here.

Baby Suko three is due June 15 or so, though with my track record it’ll be more like June 25. Asa was six days late, and Evie was ten days late. This baby better not hold record and be later than his or her siblings!  Although at this point, I do expect a late baby so I will be pleasantly surprised if this one actually arrives closer to my due date than my other two.

I am currently about seven and a half weeks along, and boy is this baby an eager one. I’ve already got a small bump; enough that strangers at the store have asked when I’m due. For about two weeks, all I wanted to eat was spaghetti, but now I’m on a fizzy water and mashed potatoes kick. Much like my pregnancy with Asa, I get “morning sickness” in the afternoons and evenings, and crave fatty foods. Give me all the butter and frozen yogurt! I’m hoping that morning sickness will subside sooner rather than later, but worse than that is the exhaustion. I had forgotten how tired the first trimester is! I feel like I could sleep all day and still not be quite rested.

Asa and Evie are still a little too young to fully understand what it means to have another baby, but they are tentatively excited nonetheless. Asa has asked if I need to eat a lot of food to grow the baby, and Evie softly replies “yeah!” every time I ask if she wants mama to have a baby. It will be fun to show them as my belly grows and solidify the idea into a real, tangible thing for their young minds to grasp!

Bernie Dexter suspender skirt | Amazon Oxfords | MAK cardigan | thrifted top