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I bought this darling Lindy Bop dress from my fellow blogger and lovely friend Justyna, originally thinking it would be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s day. Along with the retro lipstick print, lip prints, flowers, and heart pockets, it also has a heart cutout in the back! But then, of course, I got pregnant and by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around I will likely have too big of a baby bump to rock this dress. So I had to get at least one wear out of it before putting it to the back of my closet, where it will faithfully await my post-baby, post-breastfeeding self (well, at the very least, post-baby.)

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My bump tends to look bigger in photos as I pose than it does in real life, partly because I have a habit of straightening my back and pushing my torso forward but mainly because I seem to lose all sense of pulling my stomach muscles in for photos. And maybe, just a little, because I have a diastasis recti from my previous pregnancies which means my stomach muscles aren’t all that great to begin with. But I don’t really mind (other than every person who thinks it’s a great joke to ask if I’m having twins) because at least people assume I’m pregnant and not just a glutton for tacos. (Not that the latter isn’t true. Ha!) Lipstick Love | eyreeffect.comLipstick Love |

I find that my style shifts considerably during pregnancy, from wanting all the flared skirts to a preference for a more fitted silhouette. Everything becomes a lot more relaxed. My hair, which is turning into some sort of wild entity, gets full rein to do whatever it will on any given day. I wear less makeup, and shorter (or no) heels. And all in all, I start to gravitate towards a bohemian feel.

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Part of it is most likely that I still haven’t figured out a comfortable way to style a 1950’s look while pregnant that isn’t a full skirt. But part of it, I know, is the necessity to take a small step down, to relax a bit while I’m growing another human. I actually like wearing jeans while I’m gestating. Let me tell you, maternity jeans are the most comfortable jeans on the planet. They’re the only jeans that don’t fall down constantly, and I love them.

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This week I will be scrambling to begin making Christmas presents, and celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. It’s really strange to think that I’ve  been married for five years and will soon have three kids. And be thirty. Next year will be a whirlwind of good things!

Dress, Lindy Bop (similar here and here and here) | Cardigan, Amazon | Chase & Chloe heels, Amazon

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  • SaraLily

    Well that all makes sense – I’d probably lose some of my coordination when pregnant too! Petticoat? FORGET THAT NONSENSE! lol regardless, you look LOVELY all the time anyway and I love seeing that bump!

    It’s funny, I thought you already had this dress. Guess that means it works for you since I strangely have an image in my head of you wearing it. OK IMAGINATION! lol whatever, I am glad you now have it and I love the pink on you!