A 1960’s Look and Adjusting Expectations

You might notice a little bit of a change here as I attempt to streamline my posting schedule and make weekly blog posts a more doable thing. It’s funny, even though I’ve changed considerably over the last eight (or nine…?) years of blogging, I’ve never really adjusted my personal expectations of how and when I post. I think if anything in my mind I should still be able to post daily outfits and long blurbs, even though back when I was doing that I was single or newly married, had no kids, and had loads more free time than I do now. Not to mention my photography was nowhere near what it is now, and I was happy with just shooting outfits in front of my garage door every day.

But these days? I’ve realized that since life has changed, so should my blog schedule. I love love love shooting in more creative locations, but with that means that I have less time in which to shoot photos. That means I have to either call someone to come watch my kids, walk to my in-laws and borrow their car, or wait for the weekends when my husband is home and I can therefore leave whenever I need to in order to get pictures taken.

These days, I can’t shoot, edit, write, and link everything all in one day. I used to do all my posts daily, and likely spent an hour max blogging. But I’ve grown as a blogger; I collaborate more, I actually link to items I’m wearing — or similar ones — and I use a far more involved editing processor than I used to. Gone are the days of PicMonkey, throwing a quick filter over it, and calling it good. Gone are the days of simply stating “entire outfit, thrifted.”  

I absolutely love the entire process of blogging as it is right now for me, but it’s definitely not as simple as it once was! I spend an hour just scouting locations and shooting photos most days, and then a few more hours editing photos, linking items, writing posts, formatting everything… and I love it. But I  never adjusted my expectations when my blogging became more involved. I never really realized… I can’t do it all in one day any more. Not to mention I have kids and a house and a husband that all need my attention — all things I didn’t have when I started. 

All of this to say, while I plan to blog forever (or, you know, as long as I continue to enjoy it!) you may notice that I’m writing less from post to post. Whether this means I have larger blocks of photos, or just simply have less to say, I don’t really know. I would really love to get into the habit of posting twice a week again, and I known to do that, I have to adjust my expectations. I can’t write a novel with each post, and that’s okay! I’ll still share life, and as I do YouTube more and more if you all want to follow and watch me there you’ll be able to delve a little more into my life through video format.  

There are outfits and lookbooks that I’ll be posting to YouTube that may not always cross over to my blog, too, so in a way I’m not really posting less so much as posting to more places. Which is exciting!

Regardless of how change happens, I hope you all continue to enjoy reading posts here, and I  hope you’ll check out my other forms of sharing as well: I post outfits on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and here, so however you choose to follow I appreciate it!

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