Winter Sickness, Lindy Bop, and the Best Cape Ever

This outfit was going to be posted on Valentine’s day.

Yep. I had every intention to get it up and going for the day of all things red and mushy and heart-themed (and it’s obvious why) but then Valentine’s day started with some pregnancy emotions that just wouldn’t stop, lack of sleep, and a cold getting worse. All day, I would come to this post and these photos and just stare. I had the shell of picture, but I had no words. I wasn’t feeling mushy about the day, I had things to get done, and I just wasn’t feeling up to a lovey post about Valentines.

But here we are a full week later, and I’m finally posting these photos because… well, look at this outfit! If Lindy Bop’s gingham dress and this 1960’s vintage heart cape are not the perfect match, I don’t know what is!

I am super in love with Lindy Bop right now; so much so that when our tax return came in, I immediately went and purchased four new dresses from them that have been on my wishlist for months. I had already planned to set aside money for some clothing, as I just did a pretty large closet purge sale on Facebook, and will be posting more things to Etsy soon, so I  now have holes to fill. And let’s be real, this belly isn’t getting any smaller. I snagged two button up novelty print dresses that will work now and post-baby for breastfeeding, a pinafore that should also work fairly well for both situations, and one Audrey style that… let’s be honest, I probably won’t wear a lot post baby because it’s higher in the neck and I won’t be able to nurse in it, but I can wear it now anyway!

I cannot wait to get them in the mail and do a little haul video! I’ve also got another one coming that I bought earlier which hopefully will work right now being pregnant. I love wiggle dress styles, and it was on super sale and your girl is in big need of more bodycon dresses! I have so few in my closet these days. 

I don’t know if I will end up posting the other two outfits that were part of my 4-outfit Valentine’s day lookbook, but if you want to see what those all look like head over to my channel and have a peek! I recently did a Snow White short film-style outfit video and it’s inspired me to do all the princesses, so that’s something to look forward to!

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