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As you may have seen on Instagram and YouTube, our little Irene made an appearance on June 23, and we are all doing very, very well. So well, in fact, that I may have already snapped a few photos for my first blog post “back” from taking a little bit of maternity leave. But before I come back from that, I have to share this darling dress made by Button Button (who also made me this beautiful lipstick dress) from a vintage pattern and a vintage sheet. 

Elleyna and I have become good friends over the last year or so, and she surprised me with this dress in our last mail exchange (I find vintage sheets for her, she found vintage dresses for me). It is not only a vintage maternity pattern from the 1960’s, but also a super soft vintage sheet, and the pockets are giant! Plus, she made sure that it was breastfeeding friendly for post birth, so the buttons actually work. 

These are the last photos I took of any outfits while being pregnant. I  love looking back at them now, having given birth to our sweet Irene, and remembering all of the feelings I had being almost at my due date and wondering when we would meet our baby and whether it would be a boy or a girl. I was so sure Irene would  be a boy, and I can’t wait to share her birth story and my reaction when told she was a girl but I will save that for later!

Currently, she is asleep beside me on the couch and we are home alone while my husband has gone to pick up our kids from grandma’s house. These first  10 days have been both easier and harder than I expected, but I know one thing for sure: having given birth to a third child has really made me think more about what’s important to me, whats not important, and has realigned my sense of purpose, if you will.

I have taken more time for the things I love lately, including my kids and home — of course — and also blogging! I wasn’t sure how having a third baby might affect my ability or desire to blog and do YouTube videos, but I think along with a complete change of habit so far as homemaking goes, it’s renewed my passion for creativity.

Before Irene was born, I finally got around to reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and it has sparked a declutter of my home and also created a lot of good habits that I’ve been keeping up for months now. I feel as though the decluttering of my house has also decluttered my mind, and reorganized priorities. Now, my house is consistently cleaner, which means I  have more time for my kids and creative passions, and I’m so excited to get back to “real” life once my husband goes back to work.

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