The Littlest Family’s Big Day

Hello, my dear friends! I debated a lot about whether I should come back to the blog with a more meaningful post, or whether I should continue blogging as usual without referencing why I’ve been gone. By now if you follow me on social media you may have read that a month ago (almost to the day, as it happened August 4th!) we were on our way to visit my brother in Oregon when the car we had borrowed began to smoke as we drove up Mount Hood. We pulled over, debating who we should call as at the time we thought the engine had overheated, and then as the smoke coming from the hood darkened we realized the engine was on fire. In a rush, we got ourselves out and we got our kids out — and for a few terrifying seconds our son was stuck in the car while flames blossomed beneath it — and then we watched as the car and everything in it was engulfed in flames. You can read the full story here, but if it may trigger your own traumatic memories please read with caution!

It was truly a life-changing experience in many ways. We have recovered well and been blessed by so many people in the aftermath, but of course having lost all of our cameras and my laptop as well as everything else we had taken, I’ve been away from blogging as we replaced our things. I wasn’t sure how to return to this wonderful thing I love so much until we took our family photos yesterday. And then I knew! I haven’t officially introduced Irene on the blog though I’ve posted a lot of her all over social media, so this is the perfect time to share these things I’m thankful for and also share Irene for those of you who haven’t seen her yet!

My outfit: skirt, Penelope Vintage here | Top, MAK sweater here | shoes, Refresh booties here | flowers, thrifted and pinned in place

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your September! I cannot lie, I am so looking forward to fall, as you can see by the theme of our family photoshoot! I think here in Washington, fall is the most beautiful season. The weather is mild and crisp, with cool mornings that drift into warm afternoons. The leaves litter the ground with glorious colors and turn the hills from green to orange to red to brown. Pumpkins and apples and blackberries are in season, making for delicious pies and flavorful ciders, and it seems you cannot go anywhere without finding some new iteration of a tasty spiced treat. I’m so excited to get into the season (even though officially it’s not until the 22nd which, incidentally, is Frodo and Bilbo’s birthday!) and decorate with everything fall!

What’s your favorite season, and why?

My outfit: skirt, Penelope Vintage here | Top, MAK sweater here | shoes, Refresh booties here | flowers, thrifted and pinned in place
Evie’s outfit: Hair bow here | top here | Dress here | tights here | shoes old (all these items are SUCH good quality,definitely recommend!)
Irene’s outfit: Top from Target (out of stock) | dress here | shoes old | hair bow same as Evie’s!
Asa’s outfit: All came together here!
Nehemiah’s outfit is all old and out of stock. 


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