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This post features a gifted dress from Lindy Bop that I chose. All opinions are my own! Lindy Bop Highland Dress-29Lindy Bop Highland Dress-22

This lovely Lindy Bop dress is the perfect frock for that wonderful in-between weather when summer begins to slowly merge into fall. When the leaves are just edged with yellow, and the apples have begun to ripen, and the morning air is cool before the heat of the afternoons. With its pretty highland theme in the check print featuring a sweet blue floral bouquet mixed in, it’s the perfect dusty shade of blue with the right amount of browns and greens for the changing of seasons. I was so excited when they contacted me to gift a dress from this season of releases, because as you may have gathered I have quite a few Lindy Bop dresses and especially love that they’ve made an effort to have a collection that work well for breastfeeding!

This particular dress is a lovely semi-stretchy Crepe-de-Chine fabric with a smooth feel and a very comfortable fit. It features working buttons down the front, real chest pockets, and a really nice matching belt. I especially appreciate that the sleeves aren’t at all tight or restrictive, but also don’t look too wide or baggy on; they’re the perfect mix of stretch and fit for mobility which is a big plus as a mom of three! And the little touch of real wood buttons makes this dress extra special.

Lindy Bop Highland Dress-7 Dress, c/o Lindy Bop | Beret, Amazon | heels, Chelsea Crew (similar in pink, black) | brooch, vintage (similar) | earrings, vintage (similar)

Lindy Bop Highland Dress-38Lindy Bop Highland Dress-13Lindy Bop Highland Dress-4

I am so looking forward to fall! Especially as our entire summer has been a long and sometimes chaotic waiting game of moving, moving again, waiting for our home to be ours, and figuring out how we could perhaps rent while we wait to own. I look forward to the fall, when I know we will be finally moved into our home and settling into our new life as homeowners. We should be closing on the sale in a few weeks, and meanwhile we hope to rent from the owner while we wait. Since lot lines will need to be adjusted, we aren’t really sure how long things will take, and our current living situation is not ideal.

We were staying with my in-laws in their detached cottage, but closing has taken so much longer than expected and family from out of town needed to be in the cottage by August 14. Which means now I am staying with my parents with the kids, while my husband stays with his parents to cut a chunk of time off his already long commute. It’s only been a few days of this living arrangement, but I’m already ready to be done.

Lindy Bop Highland Dress-26Lindy Bop Highland Dress-23 (good job Kristina on checking your belt before you took a photo, really good job. lol)

And it’s not because it’s been harder having the kids to myself; in fact, the kids have been remarkably well behaved, which was unexpected. But being split up as a family is never good. Evie has been particularly a bit melancholy and missing daddy, and I’m not very good at sleeping alone any more. My husband and I have been together for 7-1/2 years, married for 6-1/2, and in that time we’ve only ever been apart for about a month of cumulative days. Since being married, we’ve only slept apart for perhaps a week if you smash it all together.

While we aren’t super lovey-dovey in public or online, I have come to realize that my husband and I areĀ that couple. Who prefer to be together, who basically spend all our time together and are rarely seen without each other… yep, we’re that couple. Perhaps because we are both semi-introverts. I am a true introvert, and am very drained by lots of people even though I seem really friendly, and he is a semi-introvert who doesn’t seem friendly but gains a lot of energy from big parties (maybe because he’s one of eight kids). So, we have our best friends (mainly each other and like a scarce few other people) and we’re happy.

Lindy Bop Highland Dress-9 Lindy Bop Highland Dress-32 And perhaps this is why living on a farm has always appealed to me. Lots of room for my kids to run and play and grow; lots of space for me to do my thing without worrying that neighbors will always be watching. I’m so excited to move into our home whenever it happens, and I am hoping it happens soon! We might end up renting before the closing date, since a few things need to be done prior to closing that could take some time.

Whatever happens, though, we now know that the owner is absolutely a delight, and she is eager to have us live there! It will be so lovely having a good neighbor, and is a relief to know that the home we are acquiring is being sold to us happily. The history there is incredible, and I’ll have to write about it in a future post once I know more!

Lindy Bop Highland Dress-3Dress, c/o Lindy Bop | Beret, Amazon | heels, Chelsea Crew (similar in pink, black) | brooch, vintage (similar) | earrings, vintage (similar)

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