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    Getting Dressed in The 1950s

      Have you ever wanted to nail authentic makeup and outfits from the 1950s? Well, now you can! Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a quick little Get Ready With Me, featuring a makeup tutorial from the Westmore Beauty Book of 1956, as well as how to get dressed according to Eleanor King’s Glamourise Yourself from the 1950s. If you all want to see longer videos on either of these let me know, there is a wealth of information on how to get dressed, exercise, teach yourself posture, self care, cutting your hair (!!!), getting dressed for your body type, and SO much more. What do you think of the makeup…

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    Full Retro

    Some days, a girl just has to go full retro. This skirt was in my pile of vintage to sell, but um… it might not be going back in. I originally wore it today just to grab an outfit shot for the shop (feedback from you guys officially says mostly garment-alone pictures, but with one outfit shot to see how it looks on a person), but then, you know… I have a huge weakness for plaid. And the forest green and orange in this is just so pretty. And I haven’t gotten to wear plaid skirts for about a year. And… it’s just so perfect, you guys. Plus, it’s missing…