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    Life in Movement

    I have been wanting to start doing videos for a while, on YouTube. But I wasn’t quite sure what about; I’ve been asked to do tutorials, writing videos, fashion videos, etc… but none of it really stuck with me. Today, I decided to take some video of Asa doing a simple, mundane thing… and realized this is what I was looking for. So if you’re itching to see more of my life behind the outfits, subscribe on YouTube! I will likely share the videos here as well, but on a more sporadic basis. And, I liked doing that one so much, I may or may not have made two more.…

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    Mom on the Go | Outfit

      Generally, when you search for mom-on-the-go style, a circle skirt is probably not on the list of items to wear. Yet, that’s exactly what I reach for first. The fullness makes it an easy item to move around in, lift, sit, run, whatever you need to do with kids. It also hides any random stains that might be made through the day (hello, ketchup), and can be easily styled with a tee and flats to make it a stylish outfit that is comfortable, practical, and retro. The fabric of this skirt is moisture-wicking, too, which makes it even better for a mom outfit. Today was the first time I’ve…

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    Evie Rose: Five Months

        I’m a little late with Evie’s five month photos, but OH MY GOSH SHE IS FIVE MONTHS OLD WHAAT. I feel like every month is going faster and faster as she gets more interactive and more interested in things (like the sparkly shoes on her feet.) This month she started rolling over, finally, and her feet grew big enough to wear aforementioned pretty shoes. She loves it when Asa bounces, or when I bounce her, and when she’s really, really tired she will laugh at basically anything.    She is still majorly a thumb-sucker, but it has yet to help her sleep through the night. Although the doctor said…

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    Asa Reuben: Two Years Old

      A few (or a lot) of my favorite pictures of my sunshine boy, who turned 2 today. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already; it seems like just yesterday we brought home this chubby bundle of cheek squish, yet here he is talking up a storm and running and I don’t know what to do with myself. Happy Birthday, Sunshine Boy! You are and always will be my darling boy.

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    Evie Rose: Four Months Old

         This little babe is four months old today and, as you can see, she is very fond of her thumb these days. She’s a thriving, giggly, social, raspberry-blowing, slobbery, loving little person who has just discovered her own little voice and she loves to sass whomever cares to listen. At her checkup, the Doctor all but called her fat, in a good way, and she returned his prognosis by crying in his face and then bossily yelling at me. You wouldn’t expect a four-month-old could be bossy (unless you have a girl, and then, you know) but trust me, she did. She has a slightly flat head due…