Full Retro

3 16 Some days, a girl just has to go full retro. This skirt was in my pile of vintage to sell, but um… it might not be going back in. I originally wore it today just to grab an outfit shot for the shop (feedback from you guys officially says mostly garment-alone pictures, but with one outfit shot to see how it looks on a person), but then, you know… I have a huge weakness for plaid. And the forest green and orange in this is just so pretty. And I haven’t gotten to wear plaid skirts for about a year. And… it’s just so perfect, you guys. 1 Plus, it’s missing the button at the top of the zipper. Nobody wants to buy a skirt with a missing button, right? Right. I wonder if I can sneak it into my closet without my husband noticing… 2 Of course, this skirt is just at that length where I feel like I have to wear it with extra-tall heels or it will look stumpifying, and I’ve already got at least ten other skirts and dresses in my to-hem pile. Not that I’m really convinced to give it up just because of that.

You guys, if I model all of the vintage I have to sell, I’ll end up keeping half of it. And I’ll get in trouble because we have small closets and I already have a lot of clothes. Haha! 1811 It gave me an excuse to wear one of my vintage hats and do some retro hair, though! This is probably the easiest way to do retro hair with very little effort; no curling involved. I mean, most tutorials have you start out with curly hair to get victory rolls, but I didn’t have time, so I just rolled and put the rest of my hair into a side bun. I’m surprised that it actually worked. It probably helps that I don’t get to shower as often as I used to (hello, motherhood) so my  hair is getting dirty and is more willing to stay where it’s pinned. 4 15 19 20 In other news, I bought a corset! Which you can see here. I actually ordered it mid-January, and it took over a month to arrive in the mail… but it was worth the wait. I have always wanted a corset, but most of them are well over my budget. This one was only $20, though! I was a little worried it wouldn’t be good quality because of the price, but hey… it was a fun purchase, and my only complaint is that the lacing up the back might break quickly. That’s easy to replace with stronger laces, though! The rest of it is really well made, nice fabric, and sturdy. (I bought it from, in case anyone is looking for an affordable and relatively good-quality corset.) 6 Vintage skirt and hat | Thrifted blouse, heels, and belt | Forever 21 Ring | Revlon Kiss Me Coral lipstick

I should probably get the rest of the dishes done and give my baby a bath. He’s currently napping in my lap, but he smells like stinky cheese and a clean wet dog. Bathtime, definitely! It’s funny how even babies, who do basically nothing at all, can get dirty. At least he doesn’t really stink, he just sort of… has a distinct odor to him. So I’d better clean him before the husband gets home.

On a side note, it’s funny how I’ve gotten so used to calling my husband Mr. Owl on the blog, it feels weird to use his real name (and in case you weren’t aware, no, our last name is not Owl. Sadly.) Someone mentioned having only just read his name for the first time in my post about Asa’s birth, and it struck me that I really don’t ever refer to him by anything other than “the husband” or “Mr. Owl.”

Then again, in real life I rarely call him by his name, either, so… that’s that. (it’s Nehemiah, by the way.)

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  • Salazar

    Ooh, so pretty! I’m still kicking myself for donating my vintage plaid skirt (my “Peggy skirt” as I called it, I bought it to dress up as Peggy Olson one Halloween) when I moved home, but alas, it was too heavy and I had to make room for books.

    I actually think the length is quite flattering on you, maybe just take a couple of inches off at the most? Definitely keep it midi-length though!

    • Eccentric Owl

      Ah, sad! I have yet to get rid of a plaid skirt. I just can’t bring myself to let them go! Haha! But, you know, if I had to get rid of plaid for books… I would do it, too.
      If I did shorten it it would only be to the bottom of the knee; I think that’s the most flattering length on me. So I definitely wouldn’t be making it too much shorter!

  • Amia

    I feel your pain with the plaid skirts, I don’t think I’ve ever passed up a plaid skirt, they’re just so perfect! A corset sounds like a fun purchase, I’ve been interested in them only recently after seeing Amanda (her instagram name is modernjunecleaver) talk about wearing one daily on her blog. I hope you’ll let us know how you like it!

  • Jamie Rose

    I sometimes feel the urge to go full on retro too, so I understand. This outfit looks so awesome on you. I don’t blame you for wanting to keep this plaid skirt. It’s hard to resist a good plaid and it just looks so good on you! I also really love how this top drapes on you. It’s very flattering!

  • Margaret

    I’m really curious, if you don’t call him by his name, what do you call him? 🙂

    Love you in that skirt!