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    Pink Blush Maternity review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

    Today, I am typing on five hours of sleep and not enough coffee, so forgive me if I get to rambling! I am pretty sure it’s going to be one of those days where I find myself doing lots of amusing things, like putting the juice away in the dish cupboard, or typing out whatever I’m listening to instead of the rest of my sentence. But, when you’re pregnant and you wake up having to pee right at the time your husband usually gets up, it’s really hard to go back to sleep. Especially when you hear the coffee pot going. I was sent this dress a few days ago…

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    Dressember 2013

    Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this post from Cut and Chic vintage, and it sparked my interest. I have been thinking about more ways to utilize blogging in positive ways, so I did a little more research about it. The campaign she posted about is called Dressember, and it is an awesome way to use an interest in fashion to impact the world for good. For the entire month of December, women everywhere can wear a dress every day of the month to raise money and awareness in alignment with International Justice Mission that will help rescue victims of slavery, sex trafficking, and…

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    Maroon, love, and baby names

    If you missed it on Instagram yesterday, I posted baby Owl’s first and middle initials, which are A and R, to see what people would guess his name was going to be. My favorite guesses were Atticus Rex, Aragorn Romulus, and my friend who said “The scientific name of the Unspotted Saw-Whet Owl is Aegolius Ridgwayi. Guys… I figured it out” And, of course, with Mr. Owl’s family, as soon as we gave the initials one of his sisters guessed the first name right away, and I discovered that my husband does NOT have a poker face. He turns bright red. It’s pretty funny! But his actual name is Asa…

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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Today, I am thankful for so many things: my caring, hardworking, crazy, weird, hilarious, sexy, loving, amazing husband; the baby who gets more and more active every day (especially when there’s food!); my family (including my in-laws), which grows bigger and more amazing every year; and the little things. A roof over our heads, food to eat, a great job, this blog. I am so blessed some days I just can’t believe it! I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful day! bloglovin | chictopia | facebook | twitter | pinterest | Instagram | Fiction Press

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    Nerdy Pregnant Wife

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, can you believe it? I was going to do a post on what I’m going to wear tomorrow, since I likely won’t have time tomorrow to post anything (you know, spending time with family and all, haha!) but then I got lazy. I have the rest of my shift for work to finish, plus I’m baking Paleo pumpkin pie and Paleo coconut macaroons to bring to the family gatherings, I want to rearrange the living room so that we can fit a tree somewhere in the tiny space, I want the house to be clean by tonight, and they’re coming to fix/replace our sliding glass door soon.…