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Baby Files: 2-1/2 months

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This little munchkin isn’t so little any more. He’s 2-1/2 months old, 15 pounds (or more), 25 inches long, and about as big as some of the 6 month old babies at church. His rolls, you guys! People constantly ask what I feed him. I answer “cake, every day.”

Strangers assume automatically that he’s a girl, when they can’t see his obviously boy-clothes at the store. One woman, after I corrected her, exclaimed “He’s beautiful enough to be a girl! Look at those eyes!” And when he gave her the above look, she said “Oh no, he’s going to cry!” and I wanted to reassure her that no, that’s just his face. I think he’s just trying to figure life out, seriously.

I love this little man! Right now he’s sleeping on the couch next to me as I type, his face snuggled against the couch (he loves the couch. He talks to it and smiles at it), his little feet propped up on my leg, content to just be hanging out.

He’s ticklish in the creases of his hip, in his ribs (and all that baby fat we like to call “moobies” aka baby man boobs), up his spine, and on the back of his neck. He giggles in his sleep, but he hasn’t yet giggled awake… although he does this half-laugh when he’s resisting the tickles. He gives his daddy so many looks of adoration and such big smiles, I can’t take it.

He really loves his grandmas. He talks and coos at them so much and he already behaves better for them than he does for me, haha! He also really loves his mobile with the owl and giraffe and elephant and turtle on it. It was one of the first things he started talking to.

Most of the time, he wakes up happy. Before he even opens his eyes, he has a smile on his face. And it takes him about ten minutes to actually open his eyes; meanwhile he stretches his legs straight up, waves his arms around, grunts and grunts and grunts, and shakes his head back and forth. He’s a lot like me in the mornings. I don’t like waking up, either.

He’s precious. He makes me want to have lots and lots of babies.

Happy Tuesday!

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