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    The difficulties of a postpartum body | outfit

    If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have already read a short snippet of how I’ve been lately. I wouldn’t say I am struggling, exactly, but I can definitely say I am not thriving. I’ve been stuck in a lack of desire to do anything – get dressed, clean, play, go out, whatever – and I am not sure if it’s end-of-winter blues, or postpartum depression, or other things that I will get to shortly. Whatever it is, though, I have been realizing more and more how much I need quiet time, prayer, and God. I’ve never been very good at consistent bible reading, but I’ve found myself aching to…

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    Out of my Comfort Zone

    You probably wouldn’t think it looking at the print of this dress and given my history of addiction to florals, but this entire outfit has taken me out of my comfort zone. And I very nearly didn’t include the above picture at all, but Marlen recently wrote an article about why she makes herself wear “unflattering” clothes, and it inspired me to push my personal boundaries. See, I just had a baby. I have not tried to lose any of that baby weight yet, because it’s only been a month and we’re still establishing things like breast milk supply and nighttime sleeping routines, and pursuing active weight loss really isn’t…

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    Shaped by Style: Psychedelic 60’s

    “I think many people today misunderstand love to mean total and complete acceptance no matter what, and forget that sometimes love — even unconditional love — means acknowledging and improving (or helping to improve) flaws. The more you love someone, the more you are willing to be the first person who steps out and says “hey, I think you need some help in this area” if they’re doing something wrong. And that goes for my body too, in a different kind of body-positive light.” I’m over on Shaped by Style today, sharing a little bit about what I think true body-positivity is. Hop over to read the rest! Bloglovin|Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram|Fiction Press|Etsy|Photography

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    Gypsy Girl

    Some real talk today, girls: as I looked back through these pictures, I was ready to discard about half of them simply because of one thing: belly squish. It’s not a part of my body I’ve ever been insecure about before, but now that I’ve had a baby, my stomach has become a lot squishier — if not actually thicker, just less muscled — than it ever was, and when I wear jeans and sit thusly, I get rolls. So I looked at the pictures that I otherwise loved, and thought “ugh, belly squish. I won’t post those ones.” Even though I like everything else about these pictures — the…

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    Some of you may have seen a little bit of this via Instagram and a compare-contrast picture I posted yesterday. But since I’m sick today, I thought it was a good time to expound upon my thoughts. Yesterday, as I was going through my Pinterest outfit archives to save old outfit pictures for a remixed-items album on Facebook, I came across these pictures above and below, and they made me sad. Not because I was going through a bad time in any of these particular pictures or because the images themselves are depressing, but because I remember exactly what I thought of myself on any given day when these pictures…